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Author Topic: Frequent Silly Mistakes in the Madinah...  (Read 674 times)
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Dont be sad...

« on: Apr 27, 2012 10:30 AM »

Assalamu alaikum.
You ever observed a silly but recurring mistake in our posts but decided it doesnt matter since the message is passed? I'm not talking about typos that even the writer would later notice, but the mistranslations that are assumed correct. I suggest we correct ourselves here.. bebzi

When thanking/praising (a) colleague(s), we shouldnt generally say 'JAZAKALLAH(-KHAIR)' which in arabic is used when refering to single male (2nd person of course). Instead, we should use appropriate grammer:
a) JAZAKALLAH - 2nd person, male
b) JAZAKILLAH - 2nd, female
c) JAZAKUMULLAH - 2nd, plural (>2)
other less frequent usages are:
d) JAZAKUMALLAH - 2nd, two people
e) JAZAKUNNALLAH - 2nd, plural (females)
f) JAZAHUMULLAH - 3rd, plural
g) JAZAHALLAH - 3rd, female
h) JAZAHULLAH - 3rd, male.

Hope it'll be benefitial.

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JazakAllahu Khair for post(i hope i didn't make mistake)
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