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Apr 17, 2014 04:52 PM
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Author Topic: How to Save Islam and Muslims from the enemies?  (Read 822 times)
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« on: Jul 16, 2012 11:19 AM »

Saudi Arabia: Legitimacy and Stability-5 Kiss
Some Observations

Holy Ramadan month is fast approaching and Muslims should seriously think about saving Islam from the enemies.
 Roll Eyes

In the name of NATO terror war what exactly has been happening is a bloody on Islam which harsher than the World wars and hence the ongoing  terror war is World War III exclusively on Islam unleashed all anti-Islamic forces on earth.

As the dictatorial power, USA directs all nations to fall in line with CIA-Pentagon directives or face consequences. US double-speak is not a secret matter. Riyadh’s backers in Washington are well aware of the Saudi situation but never condemned them. US “department” reports confirmed the situation in the Eastern Province, arbitrary detentions, mosque closures, and the arrest of Shiite worshippers, while diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks revealed that US diplomats in the country are acutely concerned by the legitimate grievances. .
Even though USA targets Islam and Saudi Arab to promote its own religion as democracy, Arabs have failed to read the real anti-Islamic American mind and instead are defeat after defeat they are convinced by the message that the US-Saudi relations had begun to run “smooth” again. That is failure of Saudi policy.
While USA and Europe were quick to launch the illegal Israeli regime in Mideast and promoting it, they still refuse to establish Palestine by besieged Palestinians on their own lands. The USA UK and Israel use UNSC to push the Palestine issue to the sidelines for years now, while Israel keeps attacking Palestinians, killing the innocent Palestinians each time.
Not just Saudi policy has not worked towards creating a peaceful Mideast but entire Arab League which it leads has helped the NATO terror gangs to destabilize Islamic word and kill millions of Muslims.

The NATO terror war  promoted and enhanced huge military deals between USA and Saudi Arabia as well as other Arab nations. In October 20, 2010, USA decided to make the biggest arms sale in American history - an estimated $60.5 billion purchase by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The package represents a considerable improvement in the offensive capability of the Saudi armed forces. US-trained Saudi forces, along with military installations built to US specifications made Saudi military closer to America’s.
The cooperation against communism brought Saudi close to USA and with the end of communism relations lost their significance. They do not have common enemy but Islam became American enemy. Enactment of domestic anti-terrorism policies targeting Muslims by Saudi made Saudi a favorite of Americans. September 11, 2001, was the worst day the relationship had ever faced. The US is still suspicious of Saudi Arabia.

Saudis do not speak English but they seem to have established a clean understanding of what Americans say and want from Arabs. How?  America is skillfully using the US educated and CIA trained Arabs to 'communicate' with "hard headed" Arabs so that they also pursue US interests in coordination.  Over decades of "cooperation" between Saudi-Arab and Western nations has generated huge chunk of anti-Islamic Muslims in Arab world as elsewhere.
Anti-Islamic trap is every where, including inside Muslim nations. Arabs can have trade ties with USA and Europe abut their collaborations with these essentially anti-Islamic forces are detrimental to genuine interests of Islam and Muslims and would only weaken Islam.
Double-speaks and double-standards are the hallmark of American and European policy, but for Saudi Arabia that should be alien.  Riyadh is required to provide religious, spiritual leadership for Muslims across the globe so as to enable them live as real Muslims. 
Americans do not think Saudi Arabia, or for that matter any Arab nation, has perfected the "rule of law" recommended by CIA, since it does not hold regular polls to promote rampant corruption and disunity among Muslims, leading to regular bloodshed. Corruption is there even otherwise. 
USA and Europe still harbor on the  pet "democracy" theme coercing Saudi rulers  to hold polls so that CIA could somehow push in their own candidates to join the "coalition" regime and eventually destabilizing it with  the “conquer" of Holy Mosques. The new Mideast theme seems to b e the central part of this conspiracy.

Islamophobia and Osamaphobia are linked to this misadventure.
USA and Europe want to make Saudi Arabia a so-called "democracy" in establishing a new Mideast. But Saudi rulers have so far successfully resisted the western pressure. Can Riyadh keep the anti-Islamic west at bay forever?
Of course, a good question but, however, there is no satisfactory answer!
Unfortunately, the image of Islam is being tarnished by groups of Muslims and others people who have no idea about the message of the Prophet of Islam even in Arab world. Loud noise used by Hindus and others has been identified by Muslims as the real tenet of Islam and Islamic way of life.  Muslims waste a lot of money on such useless things which could have been used for helping the poor in localities and peacefully tell about Islamic way of life.

Western anti-Islamic strategists accuse of Islam being a tool of illiterate, aimless, and arrogant people who control Muslims for political purposes. In the same vein, they blame the  truly Islamic Muslims and political Islamists for misleading the Muslims on impracticable and false slogans. As a result, Islamic law is not implemented in many Muslim nations.
Islam is not a show piece for the believers to generate publicity about. Islam does not require publicity but only faith and practice.  Every Arab should try to live as a human Muslims- other Muslims would follow them. 
Islam is a world religion. Islam is not meant for competitions and rivalries with others that may or may not have faith in God but meant only for practicing human values as Muslims. Does the Saudi Kingdom really believe that by keeping the Sunni-Shiite alive, they could get some non-Muslims or their nations to become Islamic? If so, it is not just their naivety but hypocrisy.
That is illogical, because in the present era of anti-Islamic world where Muslims are presented as criminals, none would become a Muslim - let alone nations themselves preferring Islamic rule- when they see mutual hatred and killings by Muslims themselves by playing into anti-Islamic sources. Sunni-Shiite rivalry and massacres make even a caste ridden Hindu society feel jealous of Muslims. The Hindu castes do not kill each other to show their supremacy. Why the Saudi rulers realize they are indeed harming the genuine interests of Islam and Muslims?
Sunni sect is not opposed or counterposed to Shii’a. They are complimentary to one another. The best in each should be picked up by both. But the war mentality is too bad for Islam.
On contrary, if Sunni-Shiite shed hatred toward each other and help each other in the spirit of true Islam, Islam would benefit- and also the Muslim nations -Islamic world at at large!
Saudi royal rulers have got an automatic legitimacy to rule on account of protection of the Holy Mosques. However, along with this aspect of Islam, Muslims should also be made true Muslims.
Stability can be easily established, even without US backing, if the regime has legitimacy to rule entire nation. 
Hypocrisy, slavery, mischief are alien to Islam and these should be done away with.
Mere formalities as meager rituals alone do not strengthen Islam or Islamic faith even in Islamic world.
Save Islam, save Holy Mosques and save Islamic world!

د. عبد راف

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst-columnist;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc);  Former university Teacher;/
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« Reply #1 on: Jul 16, 2012 03:00 PM »

I think the way to save Muslims from their enemies is for Muslims to actually practice the Quran and Sunnah. If we did that, we'd solve so many of our problems. How long can we blame the USA, Europe, NATO, Saudi or whoever else for all of our issues.
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« Reply #2 on: Jul 19, 2012 09:54 PM »

the question should be how we can islam from the muslims ..........
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