// Israel: Judiciary promotes Zionist Crimes
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Author Topic: Israel: Judiciary promotes Zionist Crimes  (Read 300 times)
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« on: Jul 16, 2012 10:50 AM »

Israel: Judiciary promotes Zionist Crimes
Introduction Kiss
One of the major causalities of the ongoing World War-III, also known as US-led terror war, is the gradual withering away of judiciary globally and becoming a powerful tool of the state. Judiciary's role is now restricted to dealing with local cases while delivering judgments on important issues matters are “settled” as per the regime's directions though "proper channel". 
A righteous and honest judiciary is a threat to the corrupt and criminal states and hence the rulers and  bureaucrats promote  corruption in judiciary. Weak and wretched judiciary promotes corruption in judiciary and also shields crimes by encouraging judges to take required bribes.
Regimes misuse judiciary at will to suit its whims and fancies to protect its profitable interests, interfering even with fundamental rights of individuals. In private cases as well the courts take the views of the regime to be delivered as their own judgment.
In this process, judges have become corrupt too taking "reasonable" bribes for favorable judgments to individuals and corporate sector. 
Since the judges play into the dirty hands, willingly or otherwise, they are also in turn protected by the state from punishment for their crimes like bribery and nepotism.
The result is the emergence of an unworthy judiciary and wrong or weak jurisprudence as far as delivery of judgments are concerned. 
This remains the global scenario but in major terrocracies the situation is rather explosive.  Israel and India are the best cases in point.
Of late, a fee cases have come to light in India where judges, including the chief justice of Supreme Court, was accused or found guilty of nepotism, corruption and bribery. However, none of the judges has been punished while media, including TV channels are encouraged to be busy with reporting and flaying corruption practices for a day or two but then the intelligence boys provide new material to target while the old issue is thrown away and the accused judges are sent abroad o to enjoy life.
That is the punishment. . 
Terrocracies behave alike. Judiciary in terrocracies also behaves in a similar fashion, protecting the regime's interests of all sorts. Like in so-called democratic India, Israel, another so-called democracy, encourage s state criminals to go on rampage in Palestine and its judiciary to help the regime in advancing its illegal interests.
The leaders of Indian regime leaders as well as the top opposition leaders illegally enjoy full freedom and they are immune from punishment. Courts cannot punish them. They are afraid of the regime.
Israel, a strategic terror partner of India in illegal occupation of neighboring nations, also keeps its leaders away from punishments.
Zionist Shield for Israeli Criminals
However, unlike India where the premiers and presidents are protected from prosecution, let alone punishment, Israel has already witnessed a former head of state put behind bars. Former president Moshe Katsav was convicted last year of raping an aide when he was a cabinet minister in the late 1990s and molesting or sexually harassing two other women who worked for him during his 2000-2007term as president. He has already begun serving a seven-year prison sentence in December.
Former terror Israel PM Ehud Olmert was acquitted of major corruption charges on 10th July but, in order to fool the world, convicted of breach of trust, a lesser offense, in what was widely seen as a stunning victory for the former prime minister. Hawkish Olmert under whose rein the Israeli military attacked Palestinians in Gaza Strip on the eve of parliamentary poll, killing thousands of innocent Palestinians, including children, resigned as the country's leader in 2008 after the allegations surfaced, and cutting short his pursuit of a peace deal with the Palestinians. The three-judge court's rejection of key accusations that drove the veteran politician from office raised questions in Israel about whether prosecutors had been overzealous in effectively bringing down a sitting prime minister. Ruling on some of the most serious charges in the case, the court said prosecutors had failed to prove that payments Olmert received, before he became prime minister, from New York-based businessman Morris Talansky were illegal. It also found he had broken no laws in helping to arrange meetings between Talansky, who ran a bar business, and hotel owners Olmert knew.
The Israeli newspaper Haaretz described the verdict as a "crushing defeat" for the prosecution. The popular Ynet news site called the outcome a "legal earthquake". "There is justice in Jerusalem," a gaunt-looking Olmert, 66, said after the ruling. Smiling broadly, he left the courthouse to a smattering of applause, hugging and kissing well-wishers.
The verdict, which defied widespread expectations of a full conviction, capped the first criminal trial of a former Israeli premier - proceedings that grabbed headlines with accounts of Olmert pocketing cash-stuffed envelopes and enjoying a lavish lifestyle of expensive cigars and luxury hotels. The court found Olmert not guilty of charges that he received, as a cabinet minister and Jerusalem's mayor before becoming prime minister, $150,000 in bribes from a US businessman and defrauded Israeli charities by double-billing them for overseas fundraising trips. But it said he was in breach of trust when, as trade and industry minister, he green-lighted projects that involved one of his long-time friends.
Even while shielding state crimes by all means, Israeli judiciary wants to be seen as a serious responsible judicial body to uphold constitution and justice. Ehud Olmert's three years in office were overshadowed by corruption scandals. Olmert has been cleared of two major corruption charges but convicted on a third, lesser count. He was cleared of the main corruption charges of bribery and falsely billing for foreign fundraising trips. Olmert was found guilty of illegally granting favors to a business friend during his time as a minister which is not a big offence for life.  The conviction carries a maximum penalty of three years' imprisonment, and the court said it would begin hearing arguments on sentencing in September.  "There was no corruption. There was no taking of money. There was no use of money. There were no cash envelopes," he said after the trial. Olmert, addressing reporters outside the court, described the offence as a "procedural irregularity, not corruption".
Olmert still faces trial for his involvement in a further corruption scandal over property development in Jerusalem, known as the Holyland Affair, when he was mayor of the city. He was the first Israeli prime minister to face criminal charges that carry the threat of imprisonment, and will be sentenced at a later date but now he is a safe.
Olmert has denied any wrongdoing. Olmert said after the verdict, hinting at diplomatic moves he was never able to make: "I think one can't ignore the far-reaching ramifications in Israel and outside it as a result of the decision to bring me to trial".
Olmert was mayor of Jerusalem from 1993 to 2003, and then became trade and industry minister in the Israeli cabinet. He took over as prime minister in 2006 after Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke. In 2008, Olmert resigned as corruption allegations began to mount, but stayed on as prime minister until leadership elections were held in February 2009. He has said that his efforts to negotiate with Palestinians at the time were close to agreement and were heavily compromised by the charges brought against him. Prosecutors said on Tuesday that they will review the full verdict before deciding on whether to appeal against the lone, lesser conviction.
Olmert took over the leadership of the centrist Kadima party and the premiership in 2006 after then-prime minister Ariel Sharon suffered a stroke and fallen into perpetual coma. When he announced his resignation in September 2008 following court indictment, Olmert said he would battle to clear his name. He stayed on as caretaker until March 2009 when the terror PM B. Netanyahu's government was sworn in.
Olmert, who waged illegal war against anti-Israeli Arabs in Lebanon in 2006 and the Gaza Strip in 2008, killing thousands of innocent people on the poll eve just for fun, claimed he had “achieved significant progress” in talks with the Palestinians aimed at securing a final peace deal, offering an Israeli withdrawal from much of the occupied West Bank. But no agreement was reached and subsequent negotiations held under Netanyahu collapsed in 2010 in a dispute over Israeli settlement building on land Palestinians want for a state.
Any thoughts of Olmert’s return to politics would likely depend on the severity of his sentence and the outcome of a separate bribery case over his role, as Jerusalem's mayor from 1993 to 2003, in the building of the huge Holyland housing complex widely considered to be the city's biggest eyesore.
Even it won more seats in the parliament during the poll in post-Gaza terror attack era, the Kadima party deliberately let the more arrogant Likud party to assume power to deal with the besieged Palestinians.
That is Zionism characterizing fascism in Mideast. .
Judiciary behavior indicates the nation’s behavior! A corrupt and mean judiciary cannot be expected to help build a good society.
American courts cannot punish US president now for illegal war on Islam or human rights violations in USA but they can only play some cute gimmicks.
Indian courts just shut their eyes on state crimes and corruption cases.
Taking its own law as supreme, Israel can never be a normal nation to respect law of any standard. If Israeli law also finds faults with hard core Jews, Israeli regime will throw away that as well.
Olmert, who terror attacked besieged Palestinians in Gaza Strip after making Fatah-Hamas civil war, was acquitted by Zionist courts on what most Israelis would regard as the more serious charges. The first, that he corruptly accepted envelopes of cash from a wealthy businessman which he kept in a private slush fund; and the second, that he made money for himself by charging different charities the price of the same travelling expenses when he went overseas for them. The judiciary hoax is that Olmert was found “guilty” of almost nothing; illegally granting favors to a business friend during his time as a minister which is not a big offence for life. 
Whether or not Olmert would merge “victorious” from the court, the verdict is slur on Zionist democracy!
As illegal Israel targets innocent Palestinians and their lands, Israeli judiciary seems committed to Zionist criminal leaders and military which is too bad for the region and world at large.
Israeli terrocracy needs to imbibe humanistic ideals at the earliest so that Arabs also live on this earth!.
د. عبد راف

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst-columnist;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc);  Former university Teacher;/website:abdulruff.wordpress.com/ abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com
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