// Wasting time is worse than death!
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Author Topic: Wasting time is worse than death!  (Read 476 times)
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Wasting time is worse than death!

Ibn Al Qayyim (Ra) says: [COLOR="#FF0000"]"Wasting time is worse than death because death seperates you from this world whereas wasting time seperates you from Allah".[/COLOR]

Therefore we must make the best use of the precious little time we have left for death is waiting for us around each corner and it will take us very swiftly without delay. It will not wait for us to change tomorrow ore next week. It will take us when our time is up. So when will we decide to change? When it is too late?
So we must act NOW before death takes us for we are gambling with our hereafter! In the next world we will beg Allah for one more chance but by then it would have been too late!

Therefore let us make the necessery changes to our lives right NOW! For tomorrow may never come!
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