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Author Topic: DeenOnline: Innocence of Muslims RESPONSE  (Read 773 times)
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Following recent hideous and baseless insults against the Prophet Muhammad saw, through the movie done by americans and cartoons done by the french, DeenOnline have done certain responses aimed at different audiences:


This one is aimed at clarifying the noble Characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad saw so that sincere Non-Muslims may know a little more about this Prophet whom was sent to every human being - whether in the east or west:

#MUHAMMAD | The Purest Man to Walk the Earth | Innocence of Muslims | RESPONSE |

2. Scholars and Imaams

This one is a humble reminder to scholars of the Muslim Ummah, highlighting their role to lead the Muslims to revival and not to demoralize them by distancing from those who were angry by the insults against our Prophet saw:

#MUHAMMAD | Where Are The Ulama? | Innocence of Muslims | RESPONSE

3.Confused Muslims

Many Muslims are confused as to what to do in situations like we see at the moment. On one hand Muslims are coming out to voice their opinion and express their feelings towards those who insult Islaam and the Messenger, while on the other hand certain influential people are saying not to come and but instead ignore it. The brother gives advise to anyone who may be confused:

#MUHAMMAD | Advice To Muslims | Innocence of Muslims | RESPONSE
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