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Author Topic: Sources of Right or Wrong, Good or Bad  (Read 172 times)
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« on: Aug 15, 2013 02:51 AM »

Most of us in most of the times in most of the cases Appreciate Good and Right. Yet we DON’T Recognize the creator, promoter of all the Good and Right things. Rather we surround ourselves with the sources, creators of Bad and Wrong things.


In a WORLD full of Right and Wrong, Good and Bad Things we see Bad and Wrong things more often than we see Right and Good things in our surroundings. The numbers of Bad and Wrong things are increasing day by day. Even in some cases, the meaning, definition of Right and Good are being distorted, changed, such as making money with unjust, unlawful, unfair practice, lie, cheat is perceived as a smart act, rather than a dishonest act.

All the GOOD things in the world you can name, imagine, think, say, such as Justice, Reason, Facts, Right, Fair, True, Honesty, Integrity, Passionate, Love, Peace, Patience, Contribute, Transparency, Straightforwardness, Perseverance, Hard Work, Good Healthy Foods, Helping Others, Knowledge, Development of Good System, Mercy, Forgiveness  are the teachings, principles, concepts, ideas taught by Allah Subhanuwatala in the revelations from Allah. You will not find any faulty teaching, prescription, suggestion from Allah. Not even in the lives of 125,000 Messengers of Allah, as detailed in Islam.  Same as Allah’s creations mentioned in Chapter Sura Mulk of Holy Quran….’Your eyes will get tired of searching, but you will not find any fault in Allah’s creations’.  

MOST of us would like to see the victory of Truth, Justice, victory of Reason, Love, Honesty, victory of the Righteousness in Most circumstances. We feel happy, content and joyous when we see victory of Right, Justice, Good over the Injustice, Bad and Wrong (doing) in different spheres of life.  

Yet Allah as the Creator of all the Good and Right things, as the Promoter, Implementer of all the Right and Good things are ignored rather than becoming a source of our inspiration, thankfulness. He could have a mixture of both Right and Wrong, Good and Bad, representing the circumstance we see in our society. But He is not. That alone should be a great news, inspiration for us that to say in another way, any Good and Right will take us closer to the source of all power, respect, and eventually make us/ nation more successful, and durable.  

All the BAD things in the WORLD you can name, imagine, think, say, such as Lie, Cheat, Junk Foods, Destruction, Manipulation, Violence, Hatred, Horror, Deceive, Cruelty, Apathy, Intolerance, Hide, Breaking Laws, Hypocrisy, Conspiracy, Conflict, Ignorance are from some Corrupt Minds of human beings. Such as Bank robbers have to think, plan in their mind to commit a bank robbery. Allah or messengers of Allah has never taught us how to commit a bank robbery.

Yet MOST of us ignore Allah, His teachings, His Messengers, their religious practices. We ignore the searching for the truth about religion all together, let alone practicing any Religion. Rather we turned to Media, Movies, Entertainment and look for the clue of our life. We turned to People with money, power, education, even though the Greatest Messenger of Allah Mohammad (Sallelahu Alihiwasallaam) replied to Angel Gabriel in response to ‘Read’, ‘ I cannot read’. We turned to developed people, country to get the flavor of ego, get branded, even though they don’t have any solution.


We know most of the above wrong and bad things are done sometimes deliberately and sometimes due to habit, circumstances, or for some instinct reason, such as smoking, lying, breaking laws. However, it is more important how we respond to the bad and wrongs, than committing the bad and wrongs by oneself. A minority group of people stand in support of the wrongs and bad things. They argue and come up with all sorts of reasons, they look for excuses. Some people stand against the wrong and bad, they agree, acknowledge when something is wrong or bad, they repent, they prevent.

But unfortunately the wrong/bad of NOT Recognizing the Creator, Promoter and Implementer of all the Good and Right things/ Practicing religion is not due to habit, or for some instinct reason, rather it is a deliberate decision by vast majority of people from all religions. This is because People don’t want to practice any restrictions or because of conflicts, confusions among different religions and religious people, negative image of religions as portrayed by media and by different vested interest groups or just to ignore the matter all together and walk away from the truth and/ or due to otherwise too busy to enjoy the world created by the same Creator who created all the Good and Right things.


Vast majority of people from all religions are deliberately directly or indirectly becoming supporters, promoters of wrongs, bad things, becoming ungrateful, trend of hiding, ignoring good and right are increasing day by day. In the standard of religion this majority group of people are becoming unbeliever, one of the Greatest Sin a human can commit. Destined their future, the life of hereafter to eternal hell fire.


No matter how educated/ uneducated you are, how rich/ poor you are, how successful/ unsuccessful you are, how busy/ lazy you are, find out the time, do some research, go to scholars, study and find the truth, believe it, practice it, promote it. Take the initiative. No more ignoring, hiding, delaying and/ or procrastination.  


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« Reply #1 on: Sep 28, 2013 12:31 AM »

The Hypocrites were a group of people who appeared in Madina, the city to which the prophet migrated. They just pronounced their faith by their tongues but they harbored their disbelief in their hearts, they always planned to foil the Islamic call and they allayed with the idolaters outside the city of Madina.

 Al- Ged ibn Kays was one the worst hypocrite who only ostensibly declared his belief but in Islam but he harbored disbelief in his heart.

When the prophet declared that he was going to attack the Romans in Tabouk and ordered his companions to be ready but Al- Ged ibn Kays    apologized to the prophet for not participating in the war pretending that he would fear to be infatuated by the beauty of the Roman women.

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