// In Defense of Palestinians
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Author Topic: In Defense of Palestinians  (Read 213 times)
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« on: Oct 17, 2012 07:15 AM »

In Defense of Palestinians
 Kiss madauntie madinaflag

Humanity and real international community are indeed agitated the way the notorious UNSC conduct itself by overtly favoring illegal fascist Israel and against the besieged and homeless Palestinians for decades now.  Needless to state that had the Palestinians been other than Muslims, they would have already established Palestine on their own lands. That constitutes the ugliness of western so-called democracy.
Terrorist Jews occupy Palestine lands and call and kill the Palestinians as terrorists. Like wild vultures the Jews pounce upon Palestinians, eating their flesh and drinking their blood. Murders and expansion of illegal territories are the major profession of Israeli Jews.
Notwithstanding the global anger and flotilla efforts by many nations, inducing Turkey, Israel is engaged in terror operations, assassinating Palestinians. Israeli airstrikes kill Palestinians seen as “militants”, including the leader of an al Qaeda-affiliated group in the Gaza Strip, last weekend.  Three other militants were killed on Sunday. The Ansar Bayt al-Maqdes (Supporters of Jerusalem) group had claimed responsibility for several attacks on Israel from Sinai.

While the Mursi government is busy remaking Egypt and its economy, trying to woo USA to get aids andloans, Palestinians lose faith in outside support. Islamist group in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula bordering Israel said it will take revenge against the Jewish state for the killing of Palestinian militants in Gaza at the weekend. Islamists have stepped up attacks on security forces in Sinai and the Israeli border since the ouster last year of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, who had worked closely with Israel to secure the border region. "We, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdes group tell the Jews that the blood of our brothers in Palestine is ours and their revenge is ours... So wait for our painful reply and revenge," the group said in a statement posted on Islamist websites. Egypt's new president, Mohamed Mursi, has vowed to restore order, but efforts to impose central authority in the desert region are complicated by the indigenous Bedouin population's ingrained hostility to the government in Cairo.
Meanwhile, PLO is trying to get full membership of Palestine while terrorist Israel is already a strong member of UN. Both USA and its protégé Israel oppose full membership for Palestine directly from UN or by talks. Israel sees the Palestinian campaign as an attempt to circumvent bilateral negotiations deadlocked since 2010 over its Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem - opposition echoed by the USA.
The Palestinians fended off US criticism of their bid for upgraded status at the United Nations, saying the move would improve prospects for a peace accord with Israel, not damage them. Having failed last year to win recognition of full statehood at the world body, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas now seeks a less ambitious promotion to "non-member state", which would likely be approved by a vote in the U.N. General Assembly.
The official Palestinian news agency WAFA said Abbas had sent a letter to U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday defending the U.N. drive and reiterating his commitment to peacefully establishing a sovereign Palestine alongside Israel.  We are taking this step in order to secure the right of the Palestinian people to their land," Abbas aide Nimr Hammad told WAFA, describing the content of the letter. "The aim is not to isolate Israel, but to secure international recognition that would facilitate negotiations." U.S. envoy to the United Nations Susan Rice said the Palestinian bid "would only jeopardize the peace process". "Any efforts to use international fora to prejudge final status issues that can only be resolved directly by the parties will neither improve the daily lives of Palestinians nor foster the trust essential to make progress towards a two state solution," she said.
The Palestinians need a simple majority for the upgrade, but predict that between 150 and 170 nations will vote in favor. The U.S. Congress froze some $200 million in much-needed financial aid to the Palestinians after they took their statehood campaign to the United Nations last year. Western diplomats in Jerusalem say similar sanctions are likely if the Palestinians pursue their latest drive.
The Palestinians' current U.N. status is an "observer entity". If Abbas wins, that would change to "observer state", granting Palestinians access to bodies such as the International Criminal Court, where they could file complaints against Israel.
The president of the 193-member UN General Assembly, Vuk Jeremic, has said the Palestine issue as well as Israeli aggressions will likely be debated in mid-November, after the US presidential election.

An Observation
Neither Israel nor its western terrocractic shields are eager to help the Palestinians establish Palestine. In the name of security, the Zionist criminals and their promoters kill Palestinians, denying them their legitimate right to make a home for themselves.
The infighting in Palestine has clearly contributed to the worsening economic situation in the country. Hence Fatah and Hamas should come together and forge unity as a prerequisite for prosperity.
At this juncture when they are being targeted by pro-Jewish western states and besieged by Israeli terrorist syndicate it would be deadly foolish on the part of Palestinians if they continue to fight each other instead of fighting the enemy at the gates. .
Saudi Arabia’s over emphasis on petrodollar has indeed complicated the Mideast problem. Saudi Arabia, fueled by western terrocracies, is opposed to and annoyed at the presence of Shi'ite Muslim Iran, the major rival of the Sunni Muslim kingdom for regional power and influence. Turkey, instead of undertaking steps to get g rid of Israeli aggressions, willingly plays the US fiddle as a member of NATO terror organization.
Muslim nations are competing with each other to support the US imperialism. The losers in these aimless operations by top Muslim nations are not just the Palestinians who depend on aids from Mideast and west for survival. Peace prospects as well!
They must defend Palestinians by all means.

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