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Author Topic: Appeal for restoration of my home 20-28, near Police station, Colachal destroyed  (Read 271 times)
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« on: Oct 17, 2012 07:30 AM »




The Govedrner of Tamilnadu
DSP & Circle Inspector, Colachal Police station


Dr. Abdul Ruff, PhD.
20-28 Colachal Post
Kanyakumari Dist Tamilnad, 629251.

Mailing Address

C/O Alfa Manzil
TC- 35/1035 (1)
New Bridge
Vallakadavu PO .
Kerala: 695008


Dear Sirs: 

Appeal for restoration of my home 20-28, near Police station, Colachal destroyed by criminal gang .
Best wishes.

As you are aware I had to leave my home 20-28 Colachal due to constant disturbance and threat to my existence from those criminals' gang who occupied my house 20-28, Near Police station, Colachal and refusal by the police to protect me from possible attacks on me. Unfortunately those criminals had close links with some of the police men. That harmed me.  I have given full details of the problems leading to my leaving my home some time ago and now I hear  they have destroyed my home, trees, water-electricity links, etc  and taken away my belongings, furniture, almaira containing personal things, including money, gold, pass port, etc. . The gang consists of fraud Nyas of Thiruvithancode , Buhari umma, Sora umma, and Rakmat umma who got help from some in Colachal, Thiruvithancode, Melapalayam an Nagercoil, etc. I hear criminal Nyas lives in Thisayanvilai-Kumarakiol and other criminals live in Melapalayam, Nellai. .
My repeated appeal to police to end their forceful occupation of my home had not moved them to help me stay at home. I slept in the Mosque last days of my stay there before I decided to take help From relative in Trivandrum but noting happened. . I continue to suffer from room to room in TVM. Those rogues who destroyed my home and stole my belongings had kept the criminal operations very secret- it seems not even the nearby police station was aware of it. Today it seems some other rogues have made attempts to take possession of my property at 20-28 which is registered in my name in the Colachal village office and municipality and I paid the taxes until I lived in Colachal.
I hear that the criminals have paid huge sum to Colachal police to save their skins. If so, that is unfair. .
I had given several petitions in writing and orally narrated each time they attacked me. I stead of troubling them, the police bothered me. Maybe because I did not pay any money.
If the police had helped me then my home would have been safe along with my belongings but I was not lucky.
I appeal to you to kindly take quick action against the joint crime committed by Nyas-Buhari umma, Syed Sheik & gang Please direct them to rebuild my home at 20-28 and hand it over to me. I need my belongings as quickly as possible.  I am sure you will initiate punitive action at the earliest at least now.

Looking forward to your timely help and response!

Note: I personally consider the destruction of my home 20-28 Colachal on broad daylight as an attack on Colachal police station, Tamil Nadu  and TN goverment, as well as India and Indian government. Hence by shielding  the criminals or keeping silent by the concerned police would amount to shielding the criminals 

DR. ABDUL RUFF, PhD. Alfa Manzil, Puthanpalam, Vallakadavu, Trivandrum, Kerala
(October 09, 2012)

د. عبد راف

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