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Author Topic: Mecca's mega architecture casts shadow over hajj  (Read 465 times)
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I heart the Madina

« on: Oct 25, 2012 05:18 AM »

Another article about "New Makkah"

Mecca's mega architecture casts shadow over hajj

Towering over Mecca, this is the world's second-tallest building – and it is just a tiny part of a voracious development that has seen historic sites bulldozed and locals forced into shantytowns. As the hajj begins, Oliver Wainwright reports

• Plus: Riazat Butt offers a view from the ground

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« Reply #1 on: Oct 26, 2012 03:04 AM »

Yup, this reminds me of that "Las Vegas" gaudy article that we had a discussion about last year. Guess that was what you were referrring to when you said "another" article Smiley


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« Reply #2 on: Oct 26, 2012 08:11 AM »

I think I might go and work on one of those projects Wink

My dad's friend's son used to work on the railway project and I envied him like anything Tongue

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« Reply #3 on: Oct 28, 2012 01:25 AM »

I have wanted to make Umrah/ Haj but as yet I have not been able to do so. My invite from Allah has yet to come. It saddeneds me to read of the history of the prophet  his family and the Sahaba is being bulldozed.
While I would like to have good clean accomodation it is not a luxury a holiday. For me this would be an invitation to Allahs house to perform the sacred rites.
Sometimes I think that when people become emotional they are overcome with having managed to find them selves in such a holy place.  Some having saved all their life to make this trip.The Saudi's sometimes misunderstand this as idolatary..........

I strongly feel that nothing within a certain distance should be built higher than the Kaaba, but it is done now and who cares about a liitle voice of protest... There  are so many muslims who disagree with the Wahabi but who has a voice against the Saudi.
Enough said......Please make duah that my invite comes before I become to old and while there is something of the oold Mecca to see

Ume Bilal

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