// Iran under Zionist Threat: IAEA must investigate Israeli Nukes!
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Author Topic: Iran under Zionist Threat: IAEA must investigate Israeli Nukes!  (Read 159 times)
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« on: Oct 25, 2012 07:00 AM »

IAEA must investigate Israeli Nukes!


Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: abdulruff.wordpress.com/write: abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com. Call: (91)9349537946 or (91)0/8129081217


America bombed Japan while Israel acquired nukes illegally and they now  threaten Iran and Syria. 

The IAEA must investigate Israeli nukes and disarm the fascist regime of cold blooded criminals at the earliest. Israel cannot b e allowed to threaten the world with its nuclear capability by attacking Palestine and the aidships bound for Gaza Palestine.

 America's wrong notion that only big rogues can have nukes  should be  removed by removing the veto system in UN. Democracy cannot be promoted by the notorious veto system but on the contrary it makes rogue states  become still more arrogant in behavior and crueler in GST terror attacks, including drone terrorism. .

It sounds amusing when the western anti-Islamic strategic nuts try to shield the criminal regime in Tel-Aviv and also argue against Iran and its possible nukes, saying that Iranian nukes are dangerous to humanity while they deliberately refuse even  to mention the illegally obtained Israeli nukes or nukes of other nations.

World was kept in dark for years about Zionist nukes until that fact was accidentally revealed by some scholars. How did Israel get the nukes and technology and which nations were responsible for making fascist Israel an illegal nuclear state to threaten Mideast Arab nations and humanity at large?  Why is the UN engaged in the proliferation of nuke technology? 

US president Obama, the author of drone terrorism especially in Pakistan,  has asserted that he would not let Iran make and have nukes. It sounds funny because Iran has already declared itself a nuclear state a couple of years ago. It should be clear even to those who think Iran does not have nukes already and would have them not so soon that Iran’s nuclear status is logical and genuine since it has every right to nuclear arms at par with Israel as deterrent to protect its people from Israeli threat and arrogance.

Logically, at least one Muslim nation in Mideast also should have nukes to match the roguish Israeli arsenals.

Americans are enjoying poll season now. Obama plays tactical politics suited for the poll by trying to appease the Israeli criminals. Not only trying to control US polices of America but also, on that strength, acquired political importance in poll manipulations. USA has sizeable Jewish population for whose votes and poll financing both the republican and democratic candidates are battling. Irrespective of which anti-Islamic rogue manages to climb to the White house though sprawling compound, the president elect would promote Zionist crimes in Palestine and arms sales.

And this terror equation has been happening for decades now. The military terror links between USA and Israel are not a heavily guarded secret. CIA and Mossad plan their strategies together.

Americans are now afraid of Of antagonizing Israel or Jews. Today, Israel has made USA a subordinate state sharing global secrets. Once there is real rift, Israel would certainly expose all American secret terror attacks globally, including the now famous Sept-11 hoax, and future terror agenda. Can America, pretending to be humanistic, then show its ugly face to the world?

Jewish influence the US politics and system is enormous, much more than any minority elsewhere in the world, not even Tamils in Malaysia. Several hours after making history and winning the Democratic Party's nomination, Obama made sure to stress his commitment to Israel in his AIPAC speech. The presidential hopeful said that the State of Israel must maintain its Jewish character in a future peace deal, and emphasized that "Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel."

Obama tells AIPAC Jewish conference he will do everything in his power to prevent Iran from obtaining nukes, says Jerusalem must remain Israel's undivided capital  said Tehran posed a grave danger in the Middle East. "The danger from Iran is grave, it is real, and my goal will be to eliminate this threat," Obama said in a speech to the AIPAC conference in Washington  Obama added that one of his aims would be to "free ourselves from the tyranny of oil, the petro dollars that pay for weapons that kill American troops and Israeli citizens." The US will not force Israel to talk with its enemies.

The US will not, Obama says,  force Israel to talk with its enemies
Pro-Israeli Americans say that speaking up for a strong American-Israeli relationship is essential to our interests," Clinton said. "Israel's security is critical to our security."  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who spoke at the event as well, also turned her attention to Iran and said that Israel was at the front lines of the war against terror and the nuclear threat. Pelosi added that Israel was not only fighting on behalf of itself, but rather, on behalf of the entire world, including the US.

US media represent the interests of the wealthy and those who sell arms and liquor and would benefit from war.

A 30 watt bulb has more power than the UN. Consider this, every time they pass a sanction, they send troops to enforce it. The US is the largest supplier of those troops. Isn't it about time they sold that prime piece of Manhattan real estate and set up on a small island someplace else? Wasn't there just a news story about a woman who fell to her death from the UN building? What ever happened about that? Oh, that's right that's sovereign territory, we can't investigate that. Did you know that all the Ambassadors live in Manhattan rent free? Talk about gravy! Take away their perks and Diplomatic immunity and see how many stay in the US.

Iran hasn't said anything of that nature. The "wipe Israel off the map" statement has been elaborated many times by the Iranians to mean wiping Israel politically off the map as in way the USSR was wiped off the map. Iran has no track record of invasion or genocide. America on the other hand...
Iran is a sovereign nation to be governed by its own laws. Ultimately, despite what mommy and daddy in Washington are telling children, no-one can stop the Iranians  from developing nuclear weapons if that's what they want to pursue.

At worst, Americans and Israeli criminals threaten to bomb the facilities obviously with disastrous consequences for them, for the region and for the world.
Iran is not Iraq or Lebanon or Palestine.

Is Obama bluffing?

Arrogance ends in self-destruction. American arrogance can only matched by Israeli arrogance. That's the way it goes, regardless of who gets elected.
It is nonsensical to threaten Iran when there are many nuclear rogue states on earth. Bullying a sovereign nation like Iran is silly and cheap. .
Instead of bull talking about Iranian nukes, it is high time for the UN to decide  and convene a summit to decide the course for full and complete denuclearization and disarmament. And Iran and others would wound up their nuclear projects only when the top nuclear states begin dismantling their nuke assets on a time frame.

Bring all anti-humanity terrorist  leaders from Israel and western states, including Bush Jr and Obama, to justice! World cannot afford to have a special set  of laws for the promotion of criminal and fascist nuclearized states like USA, UK and Israel.
Full stop! 
د. عبد راف

Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA and India have zero-tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims.  Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies.
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