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Author Topic: Journalists as paid agents: Why am I not a favourite of anti-Islamic editors?  (Read 342 times)
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« on: Nov 05, 2012 11:48 AM »

Journalists as paid agents:

Why am I not a favourite of anti-Islamic editors? madinaflag

-By DR. ABDUL RUFF madinaflag Kiss

[Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: Call: (91)9349537946 or (91) 8129081217]


Do you really require an answer right here?

Can I then recharge the question as why should anti-Islamic forces not oppose me or refuse to promote my views?

Well, all those who read me and have some idea about how the world is being controlled by big rogue states and their fascist media, at least once in awhile, I think, do not require any reply or explanation, here or elsewhere.

Editors of terrocracies readily endorse the state claim that their countries are great democracies even while targeting people of their own and others.

And, those who deny the truth and do not or refuse to read me, can answer this.

Frankly, I should not worry about media mischief and I am least bothered!

By “I’, what is really meant here is the Muslim writers who try to defend Islam. It is not just me who are  under attack but everyone who take the  side of the people.

Strange though it looks, editors in Arab and other Muslim nations are scared of publishing my views, obviously threatened by anti-Islamic west and est, like Israel l and India. .

Why should the Arabs oppose Islamic views? Are they still the real hypocrites?

How can you actually explain this sort of behaviour from Muslim elites?

It has become a habit of some editors to use other Muslims to pit against an ordinary opinion maker like me by deliberately publishing articles by them on the topic or title I have sent articles. Some newspapers and online portals ask money d for self-promotion and better ratings like many Muslims come forward to pay huge sums to be on top. The best example I can think of right here is “the Canadian” which promoted willingly and demoted for not bribing them.

How can they uphold human dignity and values?.


Interestingly, even the subject or topic of my articles in draft form in my emails are also known to some editors, how? Are intelligence outfits  do the monkey job by peeping into my emails - they always do it shamelessly  or the government or private agencies doing the  dirty monkey job?

First of all, who are these anti-Islamic editors or media nuts?  Generally it is believed that non-Muslims alone are the enemy of Islam because of their active support for the anti-Islamic forces and media nuts in order to stay on the job, even while they work in portals run by political Muslims with ulterior motives. .

There is some vague reason for the non-Muslims operating as anti-Muslims to oppose and object to my views anywhere and do not subsidize humanity views by posting my views..

India’s core English newspapers especially in New Delhi initially took fancy for my fresh views , not expressed by any Muslim until me, and in fact they competed with each other  in almost  becoming a sort of mouth piece for  my opinion  on a small scale, of course. They are too impressed by my views on international affairs that they were published by Indian newspapers even in their USA, UK editions. I was pleased too.

My short write-ups on Mideast got tremendous uplift in Indian media especially on Israel and USA for too long until I began touching upon the brutal plight of Kashmiris focusing on Kashmir sovereignty issue. Occasional opinions on the plight of Indian Muslims also got some prominence in Indian news papers but these were quickly criticised and the papers carried those quickly. Then the hawkish Indian agencies started targeting me in India and abroad both personally and in media. .

Editors consider the contributing writers as their paid agents want them to write to suit their rotten politics and ideology to get paid for.  I rarely wrote on order or as per the “instructions of editors, unless that does not contradict my world view, but never deviated from my position from which I form my opinion.

This is not acceptable at all for the great editors.

Editors from Colombo had, for instance, asked me to glorify the state terror operations against Tamils, and as I ignored that “special request” they stopped publishing me. So what?  India became too happy that more and more editors are rejecting me only thanks to their secret operations.

Over years many editors in Pakistan and Bangladesh might have now felt embarrassed about their own guys being not superior variety and they are inferior. Arabs cannot exist without petrodollars but they think can exist without hut Islam.  Some of them are even afraid of colonialist nations like USA, UK, India and Israel; they are being extra practical, they are indeed very smart and clever fellows.

In my writings I try my best to answer the anti-Islamic nuts who promote anti-Islam ideas by colonially controlling the anti-Islamic media.

Gradually the global anti-Islamic media realized that they cannot trim me or my views to suit their agenda. At times, a few editors changed a bit of article to somehow promote their interests, but generally they avoid and ignore my views which they hitherto praised.

Muslim editors also work under tremendous pressure from the regime or political agents but that has harmed the genuine interests of Muslims and Islamic faith.

Obviously, on pressure and instructions from Indian regime as well as other similar mined agencies, many newspapers abroad also abruptly stopped my articles. Indian agencies seemed to have bribed them with money and advertisements to stop publishing me.

That is but natural because the regime and its intelligence outfits have an upper hand over the media.

India cannot tolerate criticism, especially by Muslims.

In India, Muslims are not allowed to criticise the regime

I am not the only person who writes for the people against the cruel regimes. Perhaps, I am a rare person turned ”journalist” who, unlike other Muslims who perished   could resist the state pressure e tactics and also survive the onslaught. Interestingly when a military strategist wrote on their portal about me as being the most successful journalist, he was not joking. He was rather stating a crude fact that anyone who writes or speaks against regime terror agenda is treated as “enemy” of the ruling party or regime but of the nation.’

I am proud Muslim and an equally proud writer for Muslim/Islam cause

I feel sorry for others who just disappeared from media face due to such manipulative terror pressure tactics of the regime. . Many Muslim have been hired to write filth about me on the media portals.

Writing has been my passion. I write not for money but for the benefit of humanity- and not my family.

But journalism is not my real profession and I do not make living by writing and I am not a paid agent of any media lord. That is advantage and the secret of my continued success.

Money makes wonders and media nuts are not above greed and selfishness. They do not bother about anything except their promotions and profits.In fact media role in proliferation of corruption is grave.

But when Muslims themselves do the same like anti-Muslim rouges one can only wonder if NATO fascism led by USA-UK terror twins and supported by their eastern allies like Israel also is a unable to make these roguish Muslims try to be good Muslims. In fact the misbehaviour of such so-called Muslims as editors of their portals exposes the real nature not just of hypocritical Muslim editors, but Muslim elites globally in general.

There cannot be a distinct difference between these pseudo Muslims and the street beggar dogs. And the elitist hypocrisy is being used by the anti-Islamic forces and media to target Islam, though street dongs do not feel threatened especially for the state agents..

Generally speaking, Muslim editors are under the illusion that if they demote or insult pro-Islam people, they can be safe and save their dirty skins. But they in fact insult Islam and by doing it so deliberately they become hypocrites of worst order, worse than the anti-Islamic criminals operating  in Terror wars and media.

Like so many Muslims who work as dirty agents of the regime against genuine interest of Islam and Muslims the so-called Muslim editors’ families earn the wrath of Allah!

But possibly these editor nuts are not aware of this and continue to commit the same crimes just like anti-Islamic rouge states. .They indeed betray just Muslims and Islam, but also themselves and get into the perpetual trap of nasty anti-Islamic networks. .

In opposing pro-Islam views Muslim editors do not lag behind their counterparts in other religions and willingly join the anti-Islamic bandwagon led by Christian-Jew-Hindu nuts.

Is there any difference among the wild beasts in a forest?

Anti-Islamic states and their fascist corporate media attack anyone who defends humanity.

It would have been ridiculous on my part to expect the enemy of Islam to promote my pro-Islam views.

How can a writer who defends human survival, defends both Islam and true Muslims be a favourite of the anti-Islamic media nuts of this essentially anti-Islamic world?

True, I wanted and still want to be among the best known writers of the universe but when I am being blocked by entire anti-humanity wretched media mob  how can I pursue my goal?

Only on job I realized how cruelly strong the anti-humanity, corrupt and imperialist media in the  world but does that suggest an abrupt end of   the truly journalistic road on earth because global media are controlled by fascist elements, anti-Islamic rogues?

As I write this, I also observe that many editors have already removed references to my name on internet they are too watchful to stop my name from appearing in search machines, how?

This is not a perfect answer, though!

Fascists, imperialists, terrorists, capitalists, colonialists and arms merchants have ganged up against humanity and expect the paid media nuts to shield their collective crimes.  But how long can this anti-Islamic and anti-humanity world continue to tell lies and fool the world by the US imperialist gimmicks like Sept-11 hoax?

By the by, I must tell you all that none of the Muslim editors  in fact encouraged me to focus on Islam or  about the plight  the pathetic existence of Muslims.  Obviously, their own existence is more important than that of other Muslims. They are also responsible for the present conditions of Muslims and for the insults hurled at Islam


Yes, you all are right- I shall continue my work, notwithstanding all such nasty pressure tactics by the agents of multinationals and anti-Islam networks.


After all, I am not writing for the anti-Islamic editors or to keep the editors in good humours.

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