// Zionist Fascism: Israel defeats Arab League!
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Author Topic: Zionist Fascism: Israel defeats Arab League!  (Read 199 times)
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« on: Nov 24, 2012 03:24 AM »

Zionist Fascism: Israel defeats Arab League Cheesy

[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Specialist on State Terrorism ;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Commentator  on world affairs, Analyst on Middle East, Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: abdulruff.wordpress.com/mail: abdulruff_jnu@yahoo.com]


Zionist Deal


Israeli fascism and fanaticism need no illustrations. More importantly, the Saudi led Arab League under US pressure refused to prevent the destabilization of a region already facing too many wars unleashed by USA on many fronts. Instead of trying to end the wars, these Arab rouges even finance the anti-Islamic war mongers. They not even once challenged the Israeli regime for repeatedly attacking defenceless Palestinians with collective military action. Even a formal threat would have made Israel switch back its terror operations. 

This has caused enormous existential problem for the besieged Palestinians as the Israeli terrorists keep attacking them. .

During a joint press conference with visiting US foreign terror minister Hillary Clinton, Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr announced that the ceasefire between fascist Israel and Palestine (Gaza).  The agreement between Israel and Hamas requires Israel to stop all hostile ground, sea and air operations on the Gaza Strip, including invasions and operations targeting individuals. The agreement also stipulates that the Palestinian factions stop all hostile operations toward Israel, including launching toy rockets for fun. In addition, it calls for opening border crossings and facilitating movements of people and goods, without restricting the residents' freedom. Such procedures shall be implemented 24 hours after the agreement came into effect.

Deal is in operation now but Israel has not withdrawn its armed terror gang blocking Palestinians.  Nor Israel its masters have announced end of Zionist crimes against humnaity.


Although the conditions do not pour in one's interests on the account of the other's, ensuring "safe" movements for the Palestinians on the borders bears good signals. There were no ground invasions during the conflict which could have even wiped out not just Gaza but entire Palestine. Israel has the capacity for that. For eight days, the Israel Defence Forces rained down devastation on Gaza. More than 150 Palestinian lives were lost, including 40 children, and much of the city lies in ruins. There are thousands of injured, and the death toll will likely mount. The infrastructure on which one and a half million people depend has been devastated, especially key civic buildings that were the main target of 1,500 bomb and missile attacks. Hundreds of millions of dollars in damage has been wrought through the destruction of residential and commercial buildings that have left 11,000 refugees sheltering in United Nations facilities and paralyzed Gaza’s economy.

Jabari's death has infuriated Hamas' military wing.

The ceasefire agreement, however, is not time bound. Egyptian analysts claim ceasefire deal announced after a week of massacres and destruction in Gaza between Israel and the Islamist Hamas movement to be a "political victory" for Palestinian factions. They also say the conflict has also played havoc for Israel's Middle East policy as Israel couldn't meet its threat target, like destroying Gaza's infrastructure, because of the regional and international pressure.

The truce might represent a triumph for Hamas, but he traced the victory back to Israel's "poor estimate" for the Egyptian and international reactions. Israel thought Egypt will act the same way as the former regime that had supported Israeli terrorism and blockades, and forgot the close relations between the now powerful Muslim Brotherhood and the Hamas movement

There are very important factors leading to the truce, such as the Israeli public opinions that were pushing the Israeli leaders to stop the war because of the terrific atmosphere, and the military situation of Hamas that seemed to be more developed than in the year of 2008, and since the 1970s Hamas has never had rockets capable of reaching Jerusalem. Also the U.S. and other international forces that were supposed to stand by Israel helped the truce as they don't want more turmoil in the region that would otherwise divert their focus on the Syrian issue.


Israel's Illegal wars

Maybe to effectively compete with NATO terror war in Islamic world, its fascist ally in Mideast Israel also engages itself in similar wars against Palestinians. 

Was Israel's latest campaign in Gaza, which began with the targeted killing of Palestine Hamas' military commander, Ahmed Jabari, also known as a subcontractor in charge of maintaining Israel's security in Gaza- and air strikes on the already besieged Palestinians, a mere, insane gamble?

Targeted Israeli terror strikes--particularly on Palestine infrastructure and other targets that directly affect civilians- are the most inhuman in modern history. The stated goal is for war was to compel Hamas to stop shooting toy  rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip that do not have goals except to help the Zionist criminals to reduce Palestinian population.

Israel is trying to challenge the newly formed Egypt-Palestine bond. Egypt has recalled its ambassador from Israel and publicly criticized Israel. Complicating the Israel-Hamas dynamic is the Arab Spring, particularly the fall of President Hosni Mubarak and the rise of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood-led government. During the Mubarak era, Egypt helped Israel contain Hamas, maintaining a blockade on goods from Gaza and a travel ban on Palestine Gazans as well as supporting Hamas' rival, Fatah. During crises, Cairo often worked with Israel to press Hamas to back off. Today, however, Hamas has an ideological affinity with, and personal ties to, to the government of Egypt's new president, Mohammad Mursi. Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood wants to court the Egyptian public, which is viscerally anti-Israel and highly supportive of Hamas. Although the rhetoric between the Morsi government and Hamas is far warmer than it was under Mubarak, the new government in Cairo has still not rushed to open up the Rafah border crossing with Gaza.

Like USA, Israel also wants use other nations to achieve its strategic goals.

Even while killing Muslims all over the globe, Obama wants to seen as a nice guy and his  team would be unlikely to get behind a direct massive operation, since it would further complicate already tense U.S. relations with Egypt and other Arab countries. American use criminal  Jews.

 Israel cannot afford to alienate Egypt. Putting aside the vital 1979 Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty (which still seems likely to hold), Jerusalem needs Cairo to keep whatever little pressure it can on Hamas.

After Operation Cast Lead, the Israeli incursion into Gaza in 2008-2009 that resulted in over 2000 Palestinian deaths, children inclusive, and tremendous destruction, relations between Hamas and Israel continued uneasily hostile and volatile.

Hamas is trying to be both a resistance movement and a government. In many ways, it has succeeded as a government, establishing law and order and delivering basic services in Gaza. But Hamas must take care not to lose credibility among Palestinians for its willingness to fight -- and die -- in the struggle against Israel.

Israel proceeds with its terror plan and pursues it strategy by its previous experience in attacking Arabs.  In 1970 and 2006, Israel instigated a bloody civil war in Amman, Jordan against the country's Palestinians s, eventually crushing them.

Americans prompt Israel to attack harshly and devastate Gaza. They fear peace in Mideast and do not seem to want Hamas to move toward becoming a regular government that eschews violence. Allowing more normal economic activity and more people to go to and from Gaza would show Hamas that the world will let it govern Gaza.  USA thus fuelled the crisis with pro-Israel statements denying any chance for cooperation between them.  Hamas' hostile rhetoric toward Israel is the only e self-satisfaction.  Under tremendous pressure from USA-Israel-Arab league , Hezbollah has grudgingly kept the peace since then, fearing that rocket attacks from Lebanon would again lead to a devastating Israeli response. Indeed, the last six years have been the quietest along the Lebanon-Israel border in decades.

Of course, Israeli money would now reach the Palestinian leaders via America and Arab league which would make them feel happy. This explains why the Arab world did not challenge the Israeli forces in any manner.


Israel a part of GFI (Global Fascist Infrastructure)

After Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Americans now want to install a puppet regime in Syria. There is an attempt to link Israeli attack on Palestine and Syrian issue. NATO creates trouble in every Arab nation by generating anti-regime opposition and recognizing the opposition as the legitimate power.  France was the first country to recognize the Syrian opposition, now nominally led by the National Coalition of Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces formed in Doha, Qatar on November 11 under US tutelage. France has now been joined by Britain. On the day of the Gaza ceasefire, Turkey made its long anticipated request for Patriot antiballistic missiles to be supplied to it by NATO. The 28-member nation’s ambassadors met in Brussels that day to discuss the request. Turkey is the regional power most capable of leading a proxy war against Syria on behalf of the US. NATO deployed surface-to-air missiles on Turkish soil in 1991 and 2003 during the US-led wars against Iraq. The missiles would be needed in the event of an air attack on Syria.

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Mursi played the key role in imposing a ceasefire in collusion with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israel’s Prime Minister B Netanyahu. At stake is not only the $1.3 billion annual US military and economic aid to Cairo.


Arab world and Turkey buy US mischief. Their hastily staged protests over Israel’s attack on Gaza were only a cynical effort to conceal the fact that it was their support for the war against Libya and the destabilization of Syria that paved the way for Israel’s bloody offensive. Gaza is a warning to common people the world over. The slaughter inflicted by Israel will be dwarfed by a military offensive waged not just on Syria or Iran, but later on other energy rich Arab nations as well. Gaza massacre is not an isolated war of fascist nations. It is a rehearsal for future large scale war. . .

Capitalism  is central part of imperialism and Islam can never be a part of the criminal scheme. The goal of people, then,  must be the deposing of all the capitalist regimes of the Mideast - in Cairo, Ankara, Riyadh and Doha as well as those in Tel Aviv and Damascus, and the formation of a unified socialist oriented Islamic world of the Middle East. Gains of "Arab spring" should not be lost but cultivated further for the benefits of common people; Humanity must mobilise in a new antiwar movement to oppose all such criminal wars of intervention through the fight to bring down the governments of war criminals and imperialist brigands in every country and replace them with pro-people governments that do beg the western powers for military and other aid. .

US stance was motivated by the strategic goal of securing regime change in Syria and isolating Iran in order to establish undisputed hegemony over the oil-rich Middle East. The fact that the United States and many European countries appear to give to Israel a green light to operate inside Gaza has something to do with the fact that humanity is now in a worldwide battle against Iran. Gaza is only a foretaste of greater war crimes that are in active preparation—a fact openly discussed by analysts and political figures in the US, Europe and the Arab world.

Egypt's role in brokering the truce deal uncovered a luminous score in the foreign policy of the new Egyptian regime. Officially, the ceasefire agreement was brokered by Egypt, which obtained some guarantees from the deal parties to ensure their commitment. While the whole world hailed Egypt for its part in the negotiations, there were some catalysts that helped Egypt's endeavors achieve the success.




The question is strategically different: did Israel really want to destroy the Palestine infrastructures at all?

Since there is no military parity between Israel and Gaza, Israel can very easily destroy Gaza as well as West bank and expand its illegal boundaries. None could stop Israel from achieving that as NATO rouges and UNSC rouges are solidly behind the Israel.

Israeli fascism cannot be seen in isolation from NATO fascism in Islamic world because they coordinate and cooperate on anti-Islamic terror operations across the globe.

Gaza strip has long served as a glorified prison camp in Mideast. The chief objective of Israeli aggression is to disrupt and end weapons flow into Palestine-Gaza. The bombing of 140 smuggling tunnels was a main job the Israeli forces over Gaza.

Israel’s ability to lay siege to Gaza depended upon the backing of Washington. The belated insistence of the Obama administration on a ceasefire focused on preventing a threatened ground invasion.

Further suffering is inevitable, even if the current ceasefire holds. As a mere formality and to fool the watching world, the Israeli side might ask Hamas to deliver some people who committed military and terror operations.

It looks that the current regional changes would make Israel think twice before any aggression in the future, the truce will last for "a long time.

As the Arab league willingly play into dirty liquor hands of Americans, the Zionist offensive against the Palestinians will also continue.

It is evident that USA has been able to freely control ruling and opposition in Arab world as well as other Muslim nations and it can any time use to destabilize them beyond repairs.

Israeli Morale

Moral of the story is simple. State sponsored street criminals cannot be challenged because that would only accelerate the terror operations more crudely. Israel is free to hit and feel because it has ensured the CIA-Pentagon rogues that stand solidly behind it, shielding its crimes against humanity. 

An extremely irresponsible Israel-West gang wants others to be “responsible” and obey their dictates. They all want new Egypt to promote Israeli interests in Mideast. 

Toy missiles have brought discredit to Palestine movement as that erroneous act has made Israel stronger and bolder to attack the Palestinians and also to reach out even to its real enemies in Europe seeking terror good and nuclear arms and as result their mutual hatred have been muted for the time being. USA and Europe skilfully used Palestinians to make their Jewish enemies become somewhat soft on them. .

Any challenge to Israeli fascism is futile and could even backfire from dictatorial USA.

Since Palestinians try to get some insecure satisfaction only by firing toy rockets into Israel the Zionist criminals think they can keep attacking Palestinians on that pretext. Instead of wasting their energies in  toy missile experiments which makes the enemy happy, the Palestinians must should stop working for economy revival and security shield to protect the e remaining Palestinians. More importantly, they should not  try to attack  in retaliation unless they have obtained advanced missile technology to  attack Tel-Aviv, its parliament, military establishment, nuclear sites and other vital targets.

Others wise they will all die, leaving all Palestine lands to criminal Zionists and American sponsors to share!

Meanwhile, the enemy of Islam and causing immeasurable pain to Palestinians must suffer.

That is the ultimate morale of the story!



د. عبد راف

Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies. Regimes often resort to  state terrorism.Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA, Israel and India have zero-tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims like me.  madinaflag

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