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Author Topic: Islamophobia: Opposition to Islamic Egypt (new)  (Read 133 times)
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« on: Dec 11, 2012 03:36 PM »

Islamophobia: Opposition to Islamic Egypt


[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Specialist on State Terrorism ;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Commentator  on world affairs, Analyst on Middle East, Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:]


Islamophobia, a central media gimmick to discredit Islam, plays an indirect role in the ongoing opposition strikes in new Egypt after the presidential poll when Mohammed Mursi was democratically elected the president by the people.  Global anti-Islamic infrastructure (GAI)is very active now in Egypt too.

There is an effort to remove Egypt President Mursi from power and hence  opposition is creating  troubles.

Islamic rise in Egypt has been viewed as a serious threat to capitalism and imperialist wars launched to discredit Islam. They felt horribly disturbed to see emergence of an Islamist Egypt as inevitable. After all, the Muslim Brotherhood was the best organized and most popular political party in Egypt.

Against the revolutionary background of Iran, where post-revolution Shiite government have taken strong roots, enemies of Islam have made very strong presence in Egypt accelerating the troubles for Mursi.

Unlike a rich Iran, Egyptian Morsi and the Brotherhood are stewards of a very poor country. Egypt’s GNP is $80 billion and its stock market is valued at $40 billion, two measures of national wealth that, by comparison, are about 1 percent of the United States.

Anti-Islamic forces in Egypt take advantage of Western support against Islam and Muslim nations. But when the White House worked openly with President Mohammed Morsi to achieve a ceasefire in the Israel War against Hamas government in Gaza, many eyebrows were risen and lifted in the anti-Islamic camps.  .

The rapid rise of Muslim Brotherhood to power in Egypt after the deposing of Hosni Mubarak last year did annoy a;; anti-Islamic forces and media nuts across the world. Similar reaction was prevalent after Iranian revolution that brought an Islamic regime in Tehran by disposing off Shah. 

Anti-Islamic forces oppose an Islamic Egypt or Islamic Mideast. These rogues want perpetual crises in Islamic world and killings

Khomeini cast the US as the “Great Satan” and Israel as the “Little Satan.” By contrast, Morsi, through his negotiations with the United States and willingness to accept its money, looks more like an ally of the “Great Satan.” He has pledged to maintain the Camp David Peace Accord with Israel. He also lacks a war with another country, such as the Iran had with Iraq from 1980-1988, as a strategy around which he could rally the population.
The Shiites in Iran, after a lengthy period of perceived persecution, came together around the idea that a revolutionary Iran would restore them to their “proper” role in a Sunni-dominated region. This appeal was reinforced by the frequent and powerful interference in their internal affairs by England, the United States and Russia. Egypt lacks such a history. What’s more, non-Muslim minorities are ganged up against the democratically elected Islamic government, thereby forcing military takeover..

The recent flight of Mohammed Morsi from his presidential palace and the massive number of demonstrators in front of the palace and elsewhere does not augur well for anybody, Mubarak or  President Mursi or opposition or revolution.

The Muslim Brotherhood also faces a significantly stronger military than post-Shah Iran; a million-man security force, multi-million man bureaucracy, independent courts and media. Unlike Iran, Egypt lacks the resources to provide serious help to the impoverished masses.

Egypt now faces a protracted battle for nothing in the name of bogus democracy. Whole idea is deny the ruling Muslim Brotherhood opportunity to seek consolidation of its power but any possibility of Mursi ultimately being ousted from power is ruled out  by the strikes is ruled out - that assumption could  only  be a speculation.

د. عبد راف

Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies. Regimes often resort to  state terrorism.Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces. Fake democracies like USA, Israel and India have zero-tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims
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