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Author Topic: Pakistan’s UNSC Presidency: Tasks ahead!  (Read 299 times)
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« on: Jan 03, 2013 06:22 AM »

Pakistan’s UNSC Presidency: Tasks ahead!


[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Specialist on State Terrorism ; Global columnist, Commentator  on world affairs and sport fixings, Expert on Mideast Affairs, Analyst on Middle East, Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:]


Pakistan’s UNSC Presidency: Tasks ahead!

Pakistan, having got no UNSC veto handle to control the proceedings effectively, has assumed presidency of the UN Security Council for the month of January 2013 at the UN.  This is for the first time that Pakistan has assumed its rotational office of the UN Security Council Presidency during the present two-year term.  Pakistan Ambassador Masood Khan, Pakistan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, will formally assume the Presidency. During Pakistan's Presidency, Pakistan's Prime Minister, Raja Perez Ashraf, and Foreign Minister, Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar, will attend and chair the sessions on peacekeeping and counter-terrorism, respectively.


The chair post is meant for just a month on rotational basis is purely a ceremonial post to conduct the proceedings.  The dictatorial USA which promotes international terrorism in many guises possesses all tools to control the UNSC.

The Security Council has five veto-holding permanent members - the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China - and 10 temporary elected members without vetoes by rotation. Pakistan was elected last year as a non-permanent member of the 15-member body. The current term is Pakistan's seventh term. This shows UN member states' continued confidence in Pakistan constructive work in the Council. Earlier Pakistan had been elected six times to the Security Council: 1952-53, 1968-69, 1976-77, 1983-84, 1993-94 and 2003-04.


Briefings and consultations on several issues and situations, which are part of the regular agenda, will be held during the month of January. During its presidency, Masood Khan said Pakistan would help Council members to forge consensus and bridge differences: Ours will be an effective presidency”. As a leading and one of the most consistent contributors of personnel to UN peacekeeping operations over the decades, Pakistan has a vital interest in the continued effectiveness and success of UN peacekeeping.

Pakistan has have generously contributed to UN peacekeeping”, Ambassador Masood Khan said. In the past 52 years, Pakistan has sent 144,711 troops to 23 countries and 41 missions. 132 Pakistani peacekeepers had laid down their lives in the cause of international peace during the missions. “The peacekeeping is our soft power. It captures deepest aspirations of the people of Pakistan for regional and global peace", Ambassador Masood Khan said.

There are significant challenges and equally promising opportunities in the area of peacekeeping. Pakistan believes that the Council’s debate will be a contribution to our collective efforts to make peacekeeping work even better. The Council will have the quarterly open debate on the situation in the Middle East including the Palestinian question on January 23. Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process Robert Serry shall brief the Council. Another important issue to be considered during Pakistan’s Presidency is Rule of Law.

Currently, Pakistan has over 9,000 troops and other personnel deployed in eight UN Peacekeeping Missions around the world. This demonstrates its commitment to global peace and security. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will inaugurate a photo exhibition.  An open debate is planned on 21 January on ‘UN Peacekeeping: a multidimensional approach’, with the objective of having a comprehensive view of the United Nations peacekeeping, which is the biggest and the most prominent area of work of the Organization and one of the most important tools at the disposal of the Security Council in the maintenance of international peace and security. The UN Secretary General will brief the Council. Prime Minister of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf, will preside over the session. The increasing nexus and inter-linkage between peacekeeping and peace building has also characterized the UN’s success in this field in recent years.

Pakistan Permanent Representative said:. “We have put the difficult issue of counter terrorism on the agenda of the Council for a special debate. Terrorism can only be rooted out through a comprehensive approach of deterrence, dialogue and development” A Ministerial level open debate is also planned on 15 January to deliberate on the comprehensive approach to counter-terrorism. Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar will preside over this debate, in which Ministerial level participation from other Council members is also expected. The UN Secretary General will brief the Council.

Over the decades, as a non-permanent member, Pakistan has made important contribution to the work of the Security Council.  “As a nation, Pakistan has shown courage, resilience and ingenuity in supporting the international community quest for peace and security. Pakistan has been a staunch partner of the international community”, Ambassador Masood Khan said. Since joining the United Nations in 1947, Pakistan has shown a strong commitment to the promotion of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter.

An Observation

World has become fully terrorized and unsafe mainly due to machinations by western powers.  Millions of Muslims have been murdered by terror syndicates like NATO and UNSC and their allies like Israel.

NATO wars have brought the world  to the  brim of climate disasters.

Pakistan will use its term as UNSC president to strengthen UN as a global body to exist with purpose and commitment to world peace without interference or control by western rogues and axis evils seeking to unleash permanent wars to control global resources. .  .

Pakistan is expected to initiate a few bold steps to make world safe and secure:  it must initiate steps to create Palestine as a sovereign nation and end Zionist occupation and state crimes in Palestine. 

Jammu Kashmir must be freed from the colonial occupier and end bloodshed in South Asia region. 

Pakistan as a direct victim of terrorism operations perpetrated by NATO terror syndicates under the fascist guidance of USA-UK terror twins and make Islamic world  and world at large safe and secure!


د. عبد راف

Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies.Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces.Regimes often resort to  state terrorism. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Fake democracies like USA, Israel and India have zero-tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims.
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