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Author Topic: US control of world after WW-II: Fate of Germany’s gold reserves  (Read 76 times)
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« on: Jan 22, 2013 06:29 AM »

US control of universe after WW-II: Fate of Germany’s gold reserves

[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Specialist on State Terrorism ; Global columnist, Commentator  on world affairs , Expert on Mideast Affairs, Analyst on  sport fixings , Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:]


US President Obama , like his predecessors have done, has inaugurated  his second innings as custodian of White house and undisputed boss of entire universe- obviously to advance capitalist and imperialist agendas of dictatorial USA. Obama  as the leader has so far dutifully pursued the CIA agenda of targeting  the illusory enemies of  the global power.

Americans of pre-Obama era  had pursued US agendas in two world wars and Obama has contributed his part by unleashing what  effectively became  World War III  against Muslims for Islamic population reduction and energy security  in the name of so-called war of terror which really means war on Islam - the chief foe of capitalism and  imperialism after the demise of communism and socialism.

World war two  made America the richest and indisputable  empire on earth with military bases across the world to promote both capitalism and imperialism.. all colonialist  terrocracies including India and Israel flocked Washington to advance their own hidden agendas.

America used its allies in the World wars to loot the loot gold and other precious metal reserves. In the ongoing WW-III they are looting the energy resources from Mideast through the Sept-11 hoax engineered very systematically by NATO secret agencies with assistance form other  third world terrocracies including Arab nations.

USA has looted  gold reserves of Germany, the  stated cause of WW-II, thug it was USA terror  regime which provoked Germany into a war and later regulated the war. .

Germany’s Bundesbank decision to repatriate part of its Gold Reserves held at the New York Federal Reserve bank  back to Germany has triggered a frenzy in the gold market.Germany´s 3,400 tons of gold reserves does not pertain to gold from the pre-1945-era. The procedures of West Germany’s monetary reform under allied military occupation (1947-48) The allied forces of World War II including the US, Britain, France and the USSR did appropriate part of the gold of the Third Reich. If gold repatriation becomes a worldwide trend, it will be obvious that both the US and UK have lost their credibility as gold custodians. For gold markets worldwide, this move may mark a switch from “financial gold” to “physical gold”.

Historically, the accumulation of gold bullion in the vaults of US Federal Reserve (on behalf of foreign countries) has indelibly served to strengthen the global dollar system, both during the period of the (Bretton Woods) post-war “gold exchange standard” (1946-1971) as well as in its aftermath (1971-).

What was the objective of the US, in the wake of the World War II in pressuring countries to deposit their gold bullion in the custody of the US Federal Reserve? The gold bullion storage arrangement has nothing to do with the bogus Soviet threat, as conveyed in official statements. The early postwar central banking arrangement was dictated by the Victors of World War II, namely America, France and Britain.

The military occupation governments of these three countries directly controlled the post-war monetary reforms implemented in West Germany starting in 1945. West Germany had been split up into three zones, respectively under the jurisdiction of the US, Britain and France (see map below). From 1945 to 1947, The Reichmark continued to circulate with new paper money printed in the US.

As of 1945, large amounts of gold from the Third Reich were transferred into custody of the military governments. Part of this gold was used to finance war reparations: In 1947, the US and UK controlled occupation zones merged into an Anglo-American “BiZone”. In 1948, under a so-called “First Law on Currency Reform”, the occupation military government set up the Bank deutscher Länder (Bank of the German States) in liaison with the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. The currency reforms were implemented in parallel with the Marshall Plan, launched in June 1947. The Bank deutscher Länder (BdL) was to manage the monetary system of the Länder (equivalent to states in a federal structure) in the Bizone under the jurisdiction of the US-UK military government, leading to the establishment of the Deutsche Mark in June 1948, which replaced the Reichsmark. Germany’s gold reserves were under the jurisdiction of the Bank deutscher Länder (and subsequently of the Bundesbank). But the BdL was an initiative of the US-UK-France military occupation governments.

The procedures and agreements determined by the occupation military governments in 1947-48 envisage a framework whereby part of West Germany’s gold bullion was to be held in the victors’ central banks, namely the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve and the Banque de FranceOf significance, Under the Bretton Woods gold exchange standard (1946-1971), the dollar denominated export revenues accruing to West Germany were converted into gold at 32 dollars an ounce


The German move could potentially “trigger a chain reaction, prompting other countries to start repatriating the gold stored in London, New York or Paris…

Bundesbank admitted that 69% of its gold is stored outside Germany.  National sovereignty and custody over Germany’s gold assets is part of the debate, Can we trust the foreign central banks?

Americans have been employing all sorts of  tricks to control and loot the global resources. Even as invasion cum destruction of energy rich Muslim nations in on, the CIA-Pentagon-Mossad  trio must be busy with  their next  agenda and target.   

د. عبد راف

Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies.Terrorism is caused by anti-Islamic forces.Regimes often resort to  state terrorism. Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Fake democracies like USA, Israel and India have zero-tolerance to any criticism of their anti-Muslim and other aggressive practices. Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims.
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