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« Reply #25 on: Feb 26, 2013 11:32 PM »

People here that thought I was wrong to accuse Iftikhar of belittling Arabic to something we just use in Prayer and reading the Quran. His last post confirms all I have said in words so clear even you can not deny it.
What he said in his last post is exactly what I was accusing him of meaning when I criticised him earlier.

You say you want to Arabic, Urdu and Persian protected and appreciated?
How about Somalian and Yoruba, are they beneath your protection and are its speakers too dark skinned to be appreciated?
That is my point that you do not seem to understand.
You propose to build an Islamic school, but placing Urdu as its taught language, places non-desi kids in a situation that they are not appreciated.
If you went to school here, you know what it was like 30-40 years ago when white teachers and schools did not appreciate us brown skinned students. Do you propose to do what was done to you to black skinned students in your Islamic School?
If you place Urdu a language that Turkish, African, Bosnian and Albanian students have no connection to in your school, You are creating a Desi School, not an Islamic school. So do not steal the the word Islam and use it on your school.
Call it what it is, "Apra Wallah School".

Your arguments against Arabic being used as the universal language of communication for all Muslims is very silly.
Even sillier when we remember you are proposing Urdu for this same purpose.
No one has ever claimed that the Arabic spoken in the gutters and markets of Cairo is the same as the Arabic used in the Quran.
Does the fact that the Urdu spoken in the brothels  and buses from Lahore to New Dali is not the same as the classical Urdu poetry you want children to appreciate stop you from proposing it?
If you teach Arabic to a level that allows fluent communication in your school, and Muslim schools in Africa France and elsewhere do the same would it come as any surprise to you that those students will be able to communicate?
You say Arabic is not the language of Islam because only 20% of Muslims are Arabs. So what percentage of Muslims are Urdu speakers?
How many Muslim countries have Urdu as the official language?
at my last count, I counted a grand total of 1. And in that one country it isn't even a native language.

"Most Muslims even those who read Quran in Arabic do not read it properly it, much less understand it."
My whole point. That is why you need to teach it. And maybe if you didn't waste time teaching urdu your students will be able to "read it properly".

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