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#20 if you knew what I wear at home you wouldn't have asked. I have miniskirts, leggings, barebacks(sorry if it TMI). I don't think he would need to. For inside my house only of course.

#21 I also felt something was not right with that phrase. He said since he was not the one who said it so there was nothing he could do. I asked why he agreed. He just said he was sorry. Honestly if any of my friends said that I would smell trouble.

#22  maybe you didn't understand my original post. It wasn't a group chat. It just two people talking. And am talking about her profile photo but this photo was in fact sent to him.

#23 lol at asking a prospective partner that question. If he has a sound mind he will definitely say no.

Thank you people am really thinking of making her friends but I don't know where to start. Where there is a possibility of us meeting I'll try & use the opportunity but I don't want to push. Thanks and may Allah reward you all.
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