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Author Topic: Boston Bombings: Deenonline Q & A  (Read 82 times)
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I am deleting this video.

I don't know who these brothers are, but I'm pretty sure they are not scholars.  I'm sorry but rhetoric like that ie "This is due to American oppression, and who cares about what happened in Boston, what about the Muslim atrocities across the world" affects people and brainwashes our youth. It makes it seem like senseless UNISLAMIC violence like Boston is justified!! And don't tell me it doesn't.  

Also, they are not American so their talk about 'Americans and American Citizens" is hardly informative. Start working on the problems of British Muslims first please.

If they truly wish to uphold "THE DEEN ONLINE", they will condemn what happened as not being Islamic, whether a "Muslim" did it or not and ask the youth to join in in doing positive things for the Ummah and those atrocities they keep talking about. Where are they when other British Muslims are risking their lives and giving all their wealth and time, leaving their families, DRIVING to Syria, sleeping in the rough and in ambulances overnight to give them the shirt on their backs to help??? I'm sorry but let's start living our words, brothers.

Also, on the topic of compassion, I'll add a good response I read recently:

Not a day goes by, nor do i ever do a khutbah without making dua for my brothers and sisters around the world. I have frequently posted and mentioned Syria, Palestine, Burma, Bangladesh, the drones of death, etc.

So please spare me and all of the other Muslim leaders the "you never talk about..." tirades and take a moment to reflect on what you're saying.

A Muslim does not belittle the tragedy or hardship of any human being. Nor does his tending to one tragedy mean that he is neglectful of another.

The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wa salam) was greatly moved by the death of a woman from "the other side" and even the eggs of a bird on the days of battles in which his most beloved companions were lost.

A believers heart should be broad enough to care for the lives of people everywhere.

If you have nothing good to say, keep silent so that you dont find an 8 year old testifying against you on the day of judgment.

May Allah open our hearts to all that which is good, bring good to the world through us, and allow us to enter His gardens of felicity. ameen
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