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Author Topic: Can Zakat be held for someone  (Read 163 times)
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« on: Jun 30, 2013 01:15 PM »

peace be upon you

We normally pay Zakat in Ramadan.

This year a young relative with a wife and child to support, is facing uncertain future. His company has announced to close down operations, and he hasn't been with them long enough to get much when he is laid off. The maximum he can expect to stay on is till December. Job opportunities are slim, although some friends have given him hope of job availability. It is all in the ar, though. On top of it, he is under considerable debt.

Can we hold off paying Zakat until we are sure he doesn't need it. Or do we have to pay it immediately to someone. And can we pay him now?

Please quote authentic AHadeeth or a reputable mainstream site or Imam.
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I do not know about holding zakat but when he gets laid off and needs help then you can give him money and count it in zakat of your next year. It is not obligatory to pay zakat only in ramzaan......
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He might qualify for zakat now. I would try to find out discreetly and if so, you could give it to him now. Especially if he's in debt, it's doubtful he has any wealth and he probably qualifies for zakat.

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