// 'REASON is the root of my FAITH' - Prophet Muhammad (SM)
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Author Topic: 'REASON is the root of my FAITH' - Prophet Muhammad (SM)  (Read 158 times)
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« on: Jan 10, 2014 06:03 AM »

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful.
May peace be unto the prophet Muhammad and his companions

What the religion can do for me, for you and for anybody? Why we need religion?  For What reasons Allah has created this world, the universe, the lives, the judgment and religion?  These are some basic fundamental  questions. We can and we should get specific answers to these questions (strategies) before we go about with our lives on this earth. With few exceptions, most people's good deeds, good actions, activities, intentions represent the level of faith He/ She has on Allah and Hereafter.

Followings are some reasons to follow the religion:

1)   Don't you want to be rational, logical and truthful by deciding to be a believer and practice the belief in this one time life of short period?
2)   Don't you want to live the life for a greater reason, higher objective rather than just for survival or for routine rat race life?
3)   Don't you want to taste, feel the unknown, unseen, peace and tranquility of mind by being a believer in this one time life of small hours?
4)   Don't you want to live the life full of contribution, good deeds, good words, sacrifice, helping others?
5)   Don't you want to live the life full of good health, good relationship, good thought, good habits, no fraud and no tension ?
6)    Don't you want to take the command/ clue of your life from the most powerful creator, the higher being of the whole universe instead of taking/ following the guidelines prescribed / practiced by people like us?
7)   Don't you want to see the world with less crime, cheating, hypocrisy, conspiracy, fraud, forgery. 

If the answers of most or all of the above questions are yes, you need to follow the religion of Islam.

1)   As per Cambridge English dictionary the literal meaning of  TRUTH is Conformity to knowledge, fact and logic.

FIRST: Our life is full (100%) of perfection and enjoyment. We are getting the sun light, breathing air, drinking water, eating meat, fish, fruits, vegetables everyday, every moment. Everything and the human life are in such an integrated, orderly & proportionate  fashion and in need and in use of mankind which alone is sufficient enough to  testify the creator and his power. PERFECTION IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.  All these natural and correlated happenings towards the fulfillment of  human needs is not an accident. We or our forefathers have never claimed to be the creator of this perfect world. The best we can claim is we are the care taker of some of the items (fish, chicken, fruits, vegetables, etc.), but not the sun, day-night, oxygen in the air, the whole universe.   

SECOND: If we look at all those creations, we see everything is completely miracle. The Sun with 27,000,000 degree nuclear furnace, hanging in the open sky, maintaining certain  distance, is very routinely giving us  ......"the day for work and the night for rest.".....Holy Quran

THIRD, but not the last fact is, how those creations were created? how they are working? the Sun, the air, the water, and the lives on the earth  is completely and clearly beyond the reach of human perception "(gaib)"........a must element of faith in Islam.


FIRST: Since we or our forefathers didn't create any of those perfect creations, proves the existence of the CREATOR, beyond our thinking capacity, perception (the gaib), unseen to us. Same as with other most powerful elements (air, oxygen) of life which we also don't see but feel, understand and believe them. In any office most often we don't see the top most person but we see the care taker every time we walk by, that does not mean that the care taker is the all in all and we don't need to believe or follow the order of the owner, the top authority. 

SECOND: Based on the facts that those things are miracles and beyond the reach of human perception, we believe that the miracles of hereafter are also true. To believe in Allah (limitless He is in His glory) is to believe in what lies beyond the reach of human perception. It is not possible for human beings to comprehend the nature of Allah. When they believe in Him, they recognize the results of His actions but they cannot conceive His nature or how He works. Similarly, the life to come is something that lies beyond the reach of human perception (GAIB). Everything that relates to the day of judgment, the reckoning, the reward and the punishment all belong to the world beyond. we believe in that because Allah has told us about them.

And all we have seen  teaches us to trust ALLAH for all we have not seen (circumstantial evidence). In major issues of life, such as education, career, finance, health, business, relationship we take decisions based on ideas, concept, evidences which  are also circumstantial.  Such as if I take this course I will get a job, if I take this medicine, I will be cured, if I marry him/ her I will be happy.  We don't see any conclusive evidence but still we go ahead take the course, take the action. But in religion many of us we expect to see evidence on everything in our naked/ bare eyes.

HABITUATED: Because of  habit, many right things appear to us as wrong and many wrong things appear to us as right. When we are in a forest we don't see the forest for a tree. Starting from our childhood we see the nature, the creations of Allah so much so that the creation of Allah becomes very insignificant and casual to us.  Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. Also we are so much excited with the materialistic development and materialistic thinking, as oppose to our predecessors much more natural life, so that the Sun and other creations are not the source of our thought and spirit (as  miracles), rather "Star Wars", etc. are miracles to us.

2)   A person walking in the street has some objectives, to go some where, to do something or to get something. It is only mentally retarded person or children who do things with no good reason. Now, what is the reason we live this life for. We live to eat or we eat to live. Definitely we should not live to eat and eat, consume and consume, enjoy and enjoy, routine and routine ( eat, sleep, work), accumulate wealth, power and position, etc. Instead is it not wonderful, encouraging and great feeling to think, to feel, to know that we live to:
a)   know our creator,
b)   identify, think, feel and praise His creations, His presence, His attributes, His guidance,
c)   understand what is right and what is wrong, what is our responsibility, obligation
d)   be grateful, try to fulfill our responsibilities towards Allah.
e)   know why and where we come from and where we are going to.

Do you know that Allah's universe is infinite, no limit, no boundary, no miles, kilometers. Same way there is no limit of Allah's attributes, such as merciful, forgiver, beneficent, total 99 attributes, only if we believe and follow His right path. These matters are mentioned in Surah  Ikhlas, Ayatul Kursi of Holy Quran, and discovered by science most recently that there is no boundary of the universe.

Of course these attributes should belong to only Allah who is the ONLY Creator, everything else are just creations. None of us should be willing to accept the highest being with limitations. Such a powerful creator fits the INFINITY of the universe, galaxies, and His existence. INFINITY should not and would not belong to any other being other than the highest of the highest, the Creator of all of us, Allah. Rest of the world, we all belong to the world of limit. Limit of our efforts, resources, areas, belongings, what not. We would not and should not try to conceive, comprehend Allah's limitless existence and how He works with our limited brain power, energy, capacity, capability.

3)   Don't you want to taste, feel the unknown, unseen, peace and mental tranquility by being a believer in this one time life of small hours?
It is now established fact from numerous incidents, experiences from Reverts/ Converts as well as from born Muslims that they see the smile, and the content mind full of peace and tranquility in peoples who otherwise don't have anything in their lives to be proud of.  Whereas often we see people with everything but full of emptiness, stress, bitterness. This feeling, experience, sense is something we cannot rationalize, link to some abstract thing, it can not be touched, seen, that is why it is called the spirit. The only answer, reason for this difference is the life with spirituality and life lacking spirituality.

4)   Don't you want to live the life full of contribution, good deeds, good words, sacrifice, helping others?

Because of religious believe, believe in everything we have is from the Creator, believe in hereafter, the day of judgment, the reckoning, the accountability, the reward and punishment people find reason to have patience, not to kill others to grab others property, rather make sacrifices for disadvantageous people, make contribution, do good deeds, raise family, children (with good habits, deeds).

5)   Don't you want to live the life full of good health, good relationship, good thought, good habits, fraud and tension free?

It is an universal truth that religion teaches us all the good things. To identify an act as right or wrong, good or bad, we have to go back to the religion. In another way we ought to say that the source of all the right and wrong things, good things is originally from religion. The present legal system, rules, procedures, acceptable, not acceptable, allowed, not allowed all are from the fundamental basic teachings of religion of divine scriptures. Thousands of  years ago religion told us lying, stealing, cheating, backbiting, arrogance, bribery, jealousy, envy, hypocrisy, killing, torturing, cursing are bad and sinful acts.

Mere follow of religion, what to do and what not to do we naturally follow, practice recipes of healthy mind (mind free of envy, crookedness, fraud, tension, cheat) , healthy body (body free of bad foods, unlawful foods, unknown foods), good relationship (with patience, sacrifice, contribution towards each others).

6)   Don't you want to take the command/ clue of your life from the most powerful creator, the higher being of the whole universe instead of taking/ following the order, guidelines prescribed / practiced by people like me and you?

Change is another common hot/ buzz word most often used now a days. We say change is everywhere, change is a part of life, we need to change ourselves, be flexible, bla, bla, bla. But when it comes to change our life towards the Truth/ the religious teaching we become timid rather than bold. We become defensive, we say where is the proof, who say so, I don't care, this is my life (means I created myself) this is the way I am, etc, etc,

Should we use the operating manual from some Tom, Dick & Harry to operate a Dell computer  or use an operating manual published by Dell corporation. Allah is our Creator, He knows  the best solutions to our every problems than anybody else. All our present day problems' (stresses, diseases, high divorce rates, family unrest) belong to our stubborn anti religion practices.
Should we not be strong and courageous enough and be a challenger and challenge the existing practice, lifestyle, life ethics, etiquette taught, prescribed, ordered by someone with no knowledge or wisdom?

Other day I was in a park, looking at people of all ages, shapes, colors, rich, poor, tall, short, white, brown playing football, doing physical exercises, trying to be in shape, be healthy, enjoy time, which is ok. There is nothing wrong with these efforts. Often we try  new foods, new dishes, new learning, degree, certificate, job, career, new relationships, new marriage, new dresses (women wearing men's dresses is a great sin), new country, new car, new houses, but many of us seldom we try to know the true religion, try to practice religion. Rather many of us try to prevent religious activities in others, let alone try ourselves.

7)   Don't you want see the world with less crime, cheating, hypocrisy, fraud, forgery, misappropriation.

With so many religions, sects and so many religious organizations, and we still have so many crimes, and if we think or act to make our society/ life without religion, can we imagine what the situation would be, what the reasons people will have to do good deeds, to contribute to the society, to sacrifice, to have patience, to raise good future generation. There may be exceptions, but the universal truth is most of us we are not capable to lead a good/ righteous life without a solid guideline, basis, reasons, system.

With so many crimes in our society, we still have to accept the universal truth that people (individually) with  religious practices are the ones committing far less crime in terms of numbers and effects.

One natural truth of life is all good things will be attacked. It is even more correct at  world level. In the world level there have been very many wars, crime, destruction based on religion. But those are at world level and by vested interest groups, with lots of lying, cheating, false propaganda, who are/ were not religious at all.  At individual level we have very rare incident of crime committed by religious people.

Someone rightly commented, ‘if there was no true God, we should have created a god in order to keep the world, society in discipline, safe and secured’.

Another basis of faith is the devastating failures of TWO major rivals of Religion. At present we are sitting at the peak height of unprecedented advancement of science and technology, still no body is able to disprove  the existence of  religion. Rather Islam is the fastest growing religion in the heart (USA) of this advancement of science and technology. No false doctrine could have lasted such a long (1400 years) time let alone growing.

Instead, science and technology is proving everyday the existence of Allah, His words, His prophets message as complete (100%) truth. The most RECENT discovery of big bang, black hole, origin of the universe, trillions of galaxies, boundary- less universe, continuous expansion of universe, the stages of fetus progression in the womb are proving the truth which were mentioned in the divine revelation, the Holy Quran 1400 years ago.

Entertainment, sports are also completely and very badly failed in their efforts to replace the religion.  Entertainment is giving society the encouragement, provocation, and promoting sex, crime and violence. Sports are creating rivalry, hatreds, jealousy, arrogance, unreasonable earnings in return to some short term smiling. Even if we look at the lives of  role players, such as Michael Jackson, Magic Johnson, we see lots of unhappy, unhealthy, unsatisfied happenings and endings.

Above facts and reasons show that to be truthful, rational, and logical we should believe in Allah, His religion of Islam and follow His orders because all the important things in our lives are created and given to us by Allah. 

Reasons/ objectives of Allah's creation of human, the universe and the religion: [/b]

Allah has said in hadisul kudsi, “ I was the hidden treasure, I wanted to become familiar,  and I created the universe”.

Allah is the most merciful, beneficent, and there are ninety nine and many other great attributes of Allah.  Allah wanted to share, involve others with these attributes and created human beings, and gave those attributes to human beings in a tiny fraction.  Allah wants to see (TEST) what we do with those attributes, how we apply them or we do completely the opposites. As a human being we also like to share anything good we have with others. We also help others, forgive others, like to create things.

“He Who created Death and Life, that He may TRY which of you is best in deed” …….67-2, Holy Quran
“We created not the heavens, the earth, and all between them, merely in (idle) sports—44-38,  H. Quran
“I have  only created  jinns and men, that they may serve me” ……. 51-56, Holy Quran

"A sign for them is the earth that is dead: We do give it life and produce grain there from, of which ye do eat." Surah Ya-Sin.   "That they may  enjoy the fruits of this (artistry): it was not their hands that made this: will they not then give thanks." Surah Ya-Sin.  ---Proof of Reason
"But each one of them all will be brought before us (for Judgment)."- Surah Ya-Sin.
"He says, "Who can give life to (dry) bones and decomposed ones (at that)?, Say "He will give them life who created them for the first time." Surah Ya-Sin.- (Proof of Physical Life in hereafter).

If based on the above facts, reasons, examples, references, it is proved to you that  the religion, Islam is truth, and you need to follow it, change  your old habits and acquire new habits (like any other important skill, trade of life) May Allah guide all of us to the right path.               
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