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Apr 20, 2014 06:58 AM
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Author Topic: SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH  (Read 57 times)

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« on: Jan 20, 2014 10:53 AM »

                     SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH

Oh my dear brother n sister, kindly think,
Into deep thoughts, let urself sink...
At the outset, To the true lord, I pray,
To guide us to the righteous way,
The truth is wat I intend to say,
Let yourself not drifted away,
My intention is pure,
For sure, I am not here to lure.
Tho u have choice to make,
But I wish, ur mind is kept awake.
The truth reaches every person,
But sadly not many keeps the mind open,
Instead the ears pay attention,
To the whispers of evil shaitan(satan).
We let it control,
our mind, body and soul,
We yet, realize it not.
If v analyse,
V shall soon realise,
We pave the way to be flamed,
Whom to be blamed?
The satan(evil)Or v brother and sister? Kindly think,
 Into deep thoughts, let yourself sink,,,

There is God, for some it is a mere statement,
For some, it is a matter of argument,
For some, It is the means of their wholesome,
But It is true faith for some,
And To the people of faith, I owe this poem,

The universe is one,
It and In it, everything is god's creation.
In his power, we truly believe,
All our miseries, v ask him to relieve,

When u and me and all are god's creation,
Who then sort us out by different religion?
Where do we stand apart?
What made us depart?
Why do we differ in faith?
Why do we stand in different path?
Oh dear brother n sister, kindly think,
Into deep thoughts, let urself sink...

Our religion comes to us by our birth,
We carry it until v live on this earth.,,
We feel proud to follow our ancestors,
Aren't we, brothers and sisters?

We differ from other living being,
For we possess, The power of reasoning.
This power makes us clever,
Helps us take firm decision,
However, don't we still believe in superstition?

Have'nt u amazed at the creation of the human mind?
Ever wondered,Why life has a beginning and an end?
Well we call it simply a fate,
As like every man-made thing has an expiry date,
The man invents to show his power of skill and knowledge,
Certainly waiting for his fellow beings to acknowledge,
His power of intelligence is expressed by his invention,
He paves the new way of thinking for the new generation,
People adore him for his creation,
He does not create unless it serves a purpose,
If we think, brothers and sisters,
There is a lesson for us.

We certainly believe, we are the best creation of the supreme power,
We seek his blessings and help, so we adore.
But why on earth, are gods in thousands?
Why do we worship them all with our raised hands?
Who made this dilution?
And lead us in to the dark world of illusion?
Oh brother and sister, kindly think,
Into deep thoughts, let urself sink.

Is that not every individual's duty,
To worship the true deity,
To find out the truth,
Before we reach the destined time of death.

Do not cultivate your sin,
Rather do good deeds to be lead to heaven.
we are created not unless we serve a real purpose,
Let us open our minds, before we are at irreversible loss.
To the one creator, let us extend our gratitude and love,
To him, everything we owe,
He who truly deserve our sincere bow,
For it is more certain,
That to him is our return.
Oh brother and sister, kindly think,
Into deep thoughts, let urself sink.

May almighty guide all non Muslim sisters and brothers to Islam, the religion of true faith.

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