// Muslim man joins US army, and his son dies after the US army refuse to treat him
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Author Topic: Muslim man joins US army, and his son dies after the US army refuse to treat him  (Read 1137 times)
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« on: May 31, 2008 11:12 PM »

Death Of Muslim Soldier's Son Issue For Lawusit
The death of a Muslim soldier's son in North Carolina has become a key issue for a group that is suing the military in Kansas.

Eight-month-old Lachlan Agee died May 3 at Fort Bragg, and officials suspect sudden infant death syndrome. His father, Pfc. Eli Agee, is stationed there. Mackenzie Agee says she tried repeatedly to get routine medical appointments for her baby over several months and couldn't. He was born premature in September 2007.

She believes the family was mistreated because it is Muslim. Post officials say they don't condone discrimination, and an inspector general is considering a complaint.

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation says the case is relevant to its federal lawsuit in Kansas.
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Inshallah the child is in Jannah. I have no sympathy for his father though. He joined the army that invades Muslim countries and kills countless Muslim babies as well as their parents. Why would he expect his child to be treated like the children of white Christian soldiers?
Has he learnt his lesson and left?
If so, what more does he want them to do to persuade him that America is at war with all Muslims including the ones evil enough to join the American army and kill their brothers in Islam for Zionism?
I have heard loads of horror stories about how Muslims are treated in the American army by the ex-soldiers themselves, but they joined the army before they converted, and left soon after. But while they were in it as Muslims, the army used every means to try and stop them from practicing Islam. And when that didn’t work, they just tried to make life as hard as possible for them.

The article I posted doesn’t contain the full story. When they complained about the refusal of treatment causing death, the army head the dead babies body chopped up. They had to bury the body without the brain and other organs. So they are planning three funerals, as and when the army releases different organs.
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