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« on: May 24, 2008 09:47 PM »

Assalaamu alaikumwa rahmatullaah

Please kindly visit a most beautiful and beneficial web-site which I would like to draw
 your kind attention to. One of its unique features is that is contains various tafseers of
 the entire Qur'aan on-line, (in arabic), by various Imaams of the past such as the great
 Imaams Ibn Kathir, Imaam as-Sa'dee, Imaam al-Baghawee - rahimahumullaah. It also
 contains a tafseer named "At-Tafseerul-Muyassar" which is a simplified tafseer of th entire
 Qur'aan (in arabic) which is arranged in easy manageable sections for study and

The site also contains a variety of fataawas on the Noble Qur'aan. It also has Qur'aan
 memorisation aids and audios. And so much more...

It also contains a complete authentic tranlsation of the Noble Qur'aan in English, with
 authentic footnotes to the translation. This has been divided into easy manageable
 sections for anyone wanting to study or contemplate. It is suited for Muslims not able to read
 Arabic yet, or for non-Muslims wanting an authentic transaltion of the Qur'aan readily
 available at their finger-tips mashaa Allaah.

The entire site can be viewed in various European languages, including English, French
 and Spanish, as well as selected East Asian languages including Indonesian and Urdu.

I wish I could tell every Muslim and non-Muslim about this site! It is so very unique and
 gives great attention to the Noble Qur'aan and to those making efforts to study,
 memorise, contemplate, understand and act upon the Noble Book of Allaah.

Please do visit and recommend to others :


Jazaakallaahu khayr
Wassalaamu aliakum

....a further unique and excellent feature of the above web site is that the panel of
 scholars and professors based at the quran complex  - which is in the blessed city of
 Al-Madinah - give visitors to their sites, an open opportunity to ask any questions they have
 about the Qur'aan, or tafseer, or iraabul-Qur'aan, or on anything the Muslim (or
 non-Mulsim) student or teacher, wishes to know regarding the Noble Qur'aan.

They are ready to take questions via email in various languages such as English, Arabic,
 French, Spanish, Indonesian, Urdu.

I ask Allaah the Most High to bless the great efforts of our noble brothers and scholars
 who form the team behind the ' www.qurancomplex.org ' web-site. They have done a great
 service for the Muslim Ummah.

fa jazaahumullaahu 'ahsanal-jazaai, wa hafiza-hum ajma'een. (may Allaah grant them the
 most excellent of reward and preserve them).

baraakallaahu fee-kum. (may Allaah bless you folks!)
Wassalaamu alaikum.

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