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Author Topic: Fake Furqan Authored by Anis Shorrosh  (Read 1318 times)
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« on: Jun 20, 2008 12:36 PM »

Fake Furqan Authored by Anis Shorrosh

We have all heard about the "Fake Furqan" a "New Quran" (authobillah) right?

Guess Who Wrote the (FAKE) Quran?
Clue: He's An Arab Christian - Debated with Sheikh Ahmed Deedat

The emails tell us - "It is for real - you must tell everyone you know!"
But now we know - from his own confession - Shorrosh admits he did it, " convert Muslims to Christians"

That's not all . . . - Read More . . .
   Finally, we know who did this horrible thing, and then spread more lies around it to make Muslims doubt the Quran and to turn others away from accepting Islam. Remember when some people did similar things to our blessed prophet, peace be upon him?

    So, what should we expect from the likes of these people. They do not represent Christianity nor are they in any way close to the kind and wonderful people of America, UK, Australia and Canada that I have come to know while traveling around the world. The people like this man are in a class all by themselves.
Actually, they don't even have any class at all. I should say, like other worthless things, they are in trash all by themselves.
The liars and the lies they tell are never going to hurt Allah, His Deen, His Book, His prophet, peace be upon him, or the believers.
Their lies will bring them down in front of the people and when they are exposed in their falsehood the people who used to follow them will see the light, inshallah, and they will accept Islam as their way of life.
Why did he write this "Fake Furqan"?


Anis Shorrosh - Christian Evangelist & Pathological Liar!
This is a story to watch as Shorrosh, a Baptist minister whose main focus is on converting Muslims and showing everyone else how evil Islam is, has claimed in the past that there have been death threats made against him by “fanatic Muslims”. 

He has claimed that Islam has a 20 Year Plan for taking over America He is the man who began the ”True Furqan” project (a book that looks like a Qur’an but is actually a Christian missionary attempt to convert Muslims), a True Furqan hoax. 

He issued a press release in 2002 claiming that a devout Muslim could not be a patriotic American.

In the 80’s and 90’s he participated in debates with Ahmed Deedat, Jamal Badawi and others. However, since then has not been much a part of the now money making career of Islam bashing. He has been arrested and may be charged with setting fire to his own house. Perhaps this fire will turn out to have been an inept and failed attempt to claim that those “fanatic Muslims” had made an attempt on his life. 

This would certainly have gotten him on the Islam bashers speakers circuit.

 Pray for him to be guided and pray for the Muslims not to fall into the same trap, ameen.
Peace - salam alaykum - to all seeking guidance, ameen.



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