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Author Topic: The Writer's Biscuit  (Read 1504 times)
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« on: Jun 20, 2008 01:47 PM »

Musings from the Writer's Biscuit

The Beginning

No this isnt about the three kings and theyre trip to visit Jesus .. if that did really happen, rather this is about my trip to the beautiful land of Makkah and Madina Munawwara aka Yathrib! This journey truely had some serious miracles to me anyway being the traveller, some might just call it pure luck but in Islam we call it Allah's Qadr.
Ive been so busy this year that the very thought of going umrah was out of the question and didnt even enter my mind, but during the end of June my uncle came to visit and simply asks if id like to go with them. I paused for a second thinkng yeah yeah hes just saying that , but then I realised hold on... theres nothing to stop me here from going O_O but I felt bad not being able to take my family. I pondered for a day or two and my mother pressed me on to go, as Allah was calling me. In my heart everything just seemed to open and say OI BUD dont be daft GO! So I agreed!
A few days later it turned out I was too late and had to wait for a cancellation on the flight otherwise I couldnt go. On the very last day of waiting near the 11th hour of the deadline a cancellation occured and I thought this has gotta be a signnnnnn!!! Allah swt wasnt just calling me, he was dragging me and getting people out the way just for me to go!
Let me begin at Heathrow airport... The journey from Leicester to London is roughly a 2hr trip, but it was a long 2hrs.. as soon as we arrived at the airport there was a big crowd gathered at the terminal gates. Why? Well the question was answered when my aunt rang from back home Leicester, informing us of the terrorist scare on BA Flights across England and Scotland that happened whilst we were on the motorway (highway to you American folks). We spoke to the BMI flights representative to get the low down on the situation; so he handed us a letter and explained to us that our flight had been cancelled, and that we needed to rebook and head back home. Me, my uncle and my little cousin brother felt like the three stooges dressed in ihraam in the middle of the airport shivering in the morning cold. Fortunately, our driver decided to go to the check in desk and spoke to the lady where she explained that our flight was in fact unaffected and that they were ready to check us in! So by the skin of our teeth our trip could have ended before I even saw an aeroplane!
The car journey to Makkah was at night time, and I even managed to get some kip considering I dont normally sleep on flights or car rides. I was half dead staring out of the car window at the night sky as I always do hunting for stars and constallations ( I know im a geek but what are you o_o ), when I suddenly saw a glowing white minaret inbetween 2 buildings, and I thought HOLY SH....OP!! My eyes wondered down towards the base of the minaret and I saw what seemed like hundreds of mini people just mixing around like a sea of white. Everyone in the car was startled at me, and I was just shouting loook!! THATS IT!! there! THE KABAAH!!!! Continued


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« Reply #1 on: Jun 26, 2008 05:58 AM »

Way to build up the anticipation Smiley nice article ma'shaAllah we have a hajj section around hajj time you'll have to add it there inshallah!!

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