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Author Topic: majic done to husband  (Read 5334 times)
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« on: Jul 16, 2008 03:33 PM »


How do you get rid of the majic done to your husband (the majic that takes husband and wife away from each other and causes problems between them)
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How do you know for sure that someone performed magic in the first place??

Not to make light of your situation anon, nor to deny the possibility that black magic is doable and damaging, but let's not blame magic for every marital problem or dispute.   

Anyways, if you really think that there is some magic done, read ruqua shari'a , which is a long dua prescribed by the prophet salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam.   Don't expect results right away.   

take care
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Different forms of Sihr require different forms of Ruqya (treatment using the Quran and Sunnah). The benefit of treating through ruqya is that there is no side effects, therefore, whether there is any witchcraft (sihr) done, then there is no harm in checking with Ruqya.

In your case of seperating the husband and wife - the following symptoms may be present:

- A suddent change in attitude from love to hate
- Exagerating the causes of disputes between two people even though they may be trivial
- suspicion is aroused between the 2 people concerned
- changing the mental image that the man/woman may have for their spouse, so that the spouse would see their partner in an ugly way..even if they are beautiful. In reality, it is the demon who is entrusted with the task of performing this type of sihr is the one who would appear to the spouse, but in an ugly way.
- the person affected by sihr hates the place in which the spouse stays, for instance the husband may be in a good mood outdoors but as soon as he comes home, he feels depressed.
- the person hates anything their spouse does
- they may feel uncomfortable during intercourse
- nervousness during sleep or nightmares

If you feel you have some or most of these symptoms then it may be the case of witchcraft.

Please present the following prescription to the imam or pious person that you trust in your locality.

there are 3 stages of treatment for this:

1st - pre treatment stage:

Providing a setting of true faith, by removing pictures so that angels may enter it.
Taking off and removing any talisman/charms and burning it
there should be no music in the place of treatment
the place should be devoid of unlawful acts like women without hijab, smoking and men wearing gold.
lecturing the patient and his family on al aqidah so that their hearts are cleansed and focused on tawheed.

- do wudhu before treatment and everyone present should do the same
- if the patient is female then she must cover her hair and fasten her garments well so that her body is not revealed.
- the face should be covered, and not wearing perfume, nor have manicured nails.
- her mahram should be present.
- no one should be present in the room except the mahram
- recite: La hawla wala quwwata illa billahi and innu billahi jall wa '3ala

2nd stage - Treatment:

put your hand no the head of the patient and recite ruqya loudly in their ear:

1) al fatiha
2) Al Baqara verses 1-5
3) Al Baqara : 102 (repeated several times)
4) AL Baqara 163-164
5) Ayatul Kursi (al baqara 255)
6) Al Baqara 285-286
7) Al Imran 18-19
Cool Al A'raaf 54-56
9) Al A'raaf 117-122  (repeat several times especially "wa 'ulqiyyas saharatu saajideen")
10) Yunus 81-82 (repeat several times especially "innallaha sayubtiluhu)
11) Ta-ha 69 ( repeat several times)
12) Al Muminun 115-118
13) As- Saffat 1-10
14) Al Ahqaf 29-32
15) Ar rahman 33-36
16) Al Hashr 21-24
17) Al Jinn 1-9
18) Al Ikhlaas (fully)
19) Al Falaq 113 (wa min sharrin naffathaati fil 'uqad should be repeated several times)
20) An Nas entirely.

The patient will be in either of the following 3 conditions:

1) If the patient should have an epileptic seisure, and the jinn that has been charged with the task of sihr should speak through the patient, then deal with this jinn in exactly the same way as you would treat cases of al junun (insanity) , (however ask questions such as its name, religion, if he is not muslim then give da'wah to islam, but if he is then explain how his actions are wrong and unlawful for working for the sahir).

Ask him the location of where the sihr is hidden or buried, but dont believe him until it has been proven that he is telling the truth. Send someone to find the sihr first.. as the jinn tell many lies.

Ask him if he is the only one entrusted with the task of doing sihr - if he has others working iwth him then ask him to bring them to you.

If the jinn says a "certain man has gone to the sorcerer and requested this sihr be done" - then dont believe him as he would want to stir up hostility between people, and his testimony is not acceptable under sharia law anyway for working with the sahir in the first place.

Once the sihr has been disinterred, recite the following verses over some water:

Quran 7:117-122

Take a pot of water and recite the above verses over the water, so the air is exhaled from your recitation reaching the water. Dissolve the sihr into the water, be it paper, perfume etc. then pour the water in a distant location. If the jinn says that the patient has drunk the sihr, then ask if the patient has any pain in the stomach. If he does then the jinn is telling the truth.

If the jinn is telling the truth try to convince him to leave, and never come back and that you will invalidate such sihr by Allahs Leave. Afterwards, read the same verses above and verse 2:102 in water and ask the patient to drink it..and to wash himself/herself from it for a few days.

If the jinn says the patient has passed over the sihr or it has been done through hair or traces of garments, then recite the above verses over water and ask the patient to drink and wash from it for a few days, outside the bathroom, then pour it in a street or somewhere away from t he bathroom until the pain goes. Afterwards take a covenant from the jinn to leave and never return.

Ask the patient to visit you after a week and recite the ruqya to them again. If they dont feel anything then alhamdulilah the sihr is invalidated. If there is another seizure the Jinn is a liar, and he has not left the patient. Ask him why he doesnt leave, treat him kindly, and see if he leaves again. If not, then hit him and recite the Quranic ayahs that speak of torment to the jinn . If the patient does not become epileptic but feels dizzy or shivers, then register ayat al kursiy on audio tape for an hour, and let them listen to it with headphones three times a day for a whole month.

After a month return for consultation again, perform ruqya and inshAllah they should be healed. If not then repeat the process by recording As Saffat, Yasin, ad dukhan and al jinn, and listen to it 3 times a day for 3 weeks. Try to prolong the period of treatment if they still have not recovered.


The 2nd condition : If during the recitation of ruqya the patient feels dizzy and shivers, or has headaches but does not become epileptic, then repeat the ruqya three times, and do so for a few days.

Advice the male patient to observe salah in group (jamaa).
advice them to supplicate after salatul fajr for 1 month:

La ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharika lahu lahulmulku walahul hamd wa huwwa '3ala kulli shay in qadir.

Advice the patient that pain may increase during the first 10 15 days but will abate gradually by 1 month. Recite ruqya again after this period to see if the sihr is neutralised. If the patient feels tightening of the chest during this 1 month, ask him to come back and recite the ruqya a few times to see if they become epileptic. Use the same treatment as the 1st conditions.

3rd condition: The patient may not feel anything during the Ruqya, in that case ask them questions to determine some or most of the symptoms. To ensure there is nothing wrong with the patient, recite ruqya three times. If some symptoms exist, yet the patient feels nothing despite reciting ruqya three times (which is very rare) then :

record the chapters ad dukhan and al jinn on tape to listen 3 times a day

advice the patient to say (astaghfirullah) 100 times or more everyday

advice patient to say (la hawla wala quwwata illa billah) 100 times a day or more everyday.

all these steps should be observed for 1 month.

3Rd Stage: Post Treatment

Praise Allah Who made it possible if the treatment succeeds. You should also feel that you are more in need of Allahs support, so that He will assist you in other cases. Do not be driven by your success in treating cases of sihr, or arrogance, as it is denial of Allah's support.

If the sahir learns the patient is getting treatment, they may ask another to perform another sihr. To prevent sihr a 2nd time, the patient should not inform anyone of their recovery.

Simply for the male observe salat in congregation
Do not listen to songs or music
Make wudhu and recite ayatul kursi before sleeping
Say Bismillah before doing a task
Say La ilaha illallah wahdahu la sharika lahu lahulmulku walahul hamd wa huwwa '3ala kulli shay in qadir. 100 times after fajr

To read the Quran everyday
To be in company of pious people
To observe morning and evening supplications

And Allah knows best.
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Sorry i forgot to add on that the above prescription should be done by one who is competant in dealing with the Jinn inshaAllah and not by one who may have weaknesses in imaan.

« Reply #4 on: Jul 19, 2008 01:24 AM »


The problem is that the person who has majic done to him does not believe there has been any majic done to him.
« Reply #5 on: Jul 19, 2008 02:31 AM »

As i said, there is no harm in performing the Ruqya anyhow just in case.

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